How To Apply For BHEL Scholarship Scheme


The Foundation for Academic Excellence and Access (FAEA) offers the FAEA BHEL Scholarship, which is intended for first-year undergraduate students in a variety of departments, including science, engineering, commerce, arts, and other technical and professional fields, as well as Class 12 graduates. 

Participants enrolled in any university, organization, or college are eligible for this opportunity. BHEL stands for Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. India’s central public sector initiative Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) is the largest government-owned manufacturer of power generation equipment. 

It is owned by the Government of India and is administered administratively by the Ministry of Heavy Industries. BHEL, which has its headquarters in New Delhi, was established in 1956 with the use of Soviet technology.

In 1956, BHEL was founded, launching India’s heavy electrical equipment market. In 1974, BHEL and Heavy Electricals (India) Limited merged. BHEL was intended to be a simple manufacturing PSU when it was established in 1956, with assistance from the Soviet Union in terms of technology. Thyristor technology was at the cutting edge in the 1980s.

Number Of Scholarships  

The BHEL management will periodically determine how many scholarships are awarded in the various engineering and medical fields.  There will only be 16 (sixteen) scholarships awarded for the 2023 – 2024 school year, of which 14 will go to engineering students and 2 to MBBS students. 


Scholarships in other disciplines may be awarded to students if a sufficient number of candidates in one discipline are found to be ineligible for them.  Students pursuing full-time degree programs in engineering or medicine at any institution accredited by the Medical Council will be eligible to apply for BHEL scholarships.

This scholarship program’s main objective is to provide financial aid to students so they can finish their graduation requirements. The help pays for a number of expenses, including additional allowances, maintenance costs, hostel or mess fees, and tuition. 

The full cost of the courses as well as additional benefits will be awarded to the successful applicants, easing their educational path.

Applying For A BHEL Scholarship

Go to the official web page

Visit BHEL’s official website to begin the application process. Select the section titled “FAEA Scholarship Application Form.” Click the “Apply Now” button to start the application process. 

Start the process of applying 

The BHEL Scholarship operates on the Internet and accepts applications only through a portal. A blank application form will show up on the screen, which you must fill out with all the information.

Compile the necessary documents

Gather all required documentation, including pay certificates, academic transcripts, identity documents, and any other documents listed in the application instructions.

Finish the application. 

Now, sign the application form and include a passport-sized photo. Select “Submit” and print a copy of the form for your records. Once the online application form has been successfully completed, you will be issued a special 9-digit “Confirmation Code.” This code must be kept secure for any upcoming communications with the FAEA.

Submission of Documents

No certificates or documentation need to be sent. You will be invited to an interview if you make the preliminary selection shortlist. It will be necessary for you to bring the original paperwork. If you don’t, you won’t be eligible to receive the scholarship.

Application Completeness

Make sure you fill out the application completely because forms that are not complete won’t be processed further. You can ask questions via email at inquiry(at) if you have any concerns about the online application procedure.