How To Apply For Coolidge Scholarship


The Coolidge Scholarship is a full-ride presidential scholarship that is awarded every year to undergraduate students. It pays for all living expenses during the four years of study, including tuition and room and board. The students can use the Coolidge scholarship at any US college or university that has been accredited.

Anyone can apply to this nonpartisan, need-blind program, regardless of background or academic field of study. In their junior year of high school, students submit an application for the Coolidge Scholarship. The Coolidge Historic Site in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, hosts a finalist weekend for finalists, during which they are flown in to interview with the Coolidge Scholars Finalist Jury. 

The Coolidge Scholarship recipients are informed of their award late in their junior year, prior to submitting an application to colleges. The Scholarship was established in President Calvin Coolidge’s honor and is awarded to students who demonstrate academic brilliance, leadership potential, and a dedication to public service. 

In addition to their academic records and extracurricular involvement, recipients are chosen based on their SAT or ACT scores. Calvin Coolidge was a young New England man who excelled in academia and enjoyed public speaking, usually addressing issues of public policy. Thus, the primary factor that sets Coolidge Scholars apart is academic achievement. 

Additional requirements include a track record of public policy interest, an understanding of the principles Coolidge promoted, humility, and service. Newly selected Coolidge Scholars spend several orientation days at the President’s picturesque birthplace in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, during the summer preceding their senior year of high school.


Conditions of Eligibility for the Coolidge Scholarship

The following are the requirements to qualify for the scholarship:

  • This scholarship is only open to legal citizens of the United States.
  • You ought to be a junior in high school. On the other hand, you are eligible to apply for this program if you are enrolled in other advanced classes at your local community college. Note that seniors are not eligible to apply for this scholarship program.
  • Your goal ought to be to enlist in a US four-year college or university.
  • Applications for this program are not accepted from immediate family members of any trustee or employee of the Coolidge Foundation.
  • All documents must be submitted by the deadline.

You are eligible to apply for the Coolidge Scholarship if you meet these requirements.

Scholarship Acceptance Rate for Coolidge

The cost of attendance at any four-year college or university is covered by the highly competitive National Coolidge Scholarship. President Calvin Coolidge, who firmly believed in the value of education, is honored by the scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded to just two or three students each year, and recipients are required to attend a summer orientation program prior to their senior year of high school. Students can learn more about the advantages of university education and the opportunities that await them as scholarship recipients during the orientation program.

How can I apply for the Coolidge scholarship?

Unlike other traditional scholarship programs, Coolidge is intended for professionals who are tough and highly skilled. A high and hard effort in the scholarship program results in high and maximum rewards. It is advised that you only submit work that you are extremely proud of because everything you submit through this program is subject to the strictest review.

You need to submit the following paperwork and information to be considered for the Coolidge scholarship:

  • Your PSAT score as well as your SAT/ACT results and scorecards.
  • Transcripts, school fee vouchers, and AP courses are all included.
  • Two excellent essays, each lasting between 600 and 800 words. However, once the process begins, they will provide you with the prompts.
  • A two-page resume detailing your experience and accomplishments is required (with supporting documents). In addition, you should include the details and career pathways you intend to follow in the near future.
  • Two recommendation letters are also required; one should come from your teacher and the other from an unrelated community member who knows you.

You will receive a notification regarding your status as a shortlisted candidate once you have submitted all of these details and documents by the deadline; hence, you will need to go through the selection jury’s interview process. The Coolidge scholarship winners will then be announced by the jury and contacted for additional processing.

What is the deadline for the Coolidge scholarship?

Any junior in high school who is interested in applying should think about the prestigious Coolidge Scholarship. The scholarship application deadline is February 23, 2024. A hundred of the most deserving applicants for Coolidge Scholarships are named “Coolidge Senators,” despite the fact that only a small number of students are named Coolidge Scholars each year.


The scholarship is ideal for undergraduate studies at any recognized university selected by the applicant. The program is founded on leadership, community service, and academic excellence. Every summer in Washington, D.C, Coolidge Senators are invited for all expenses paid to attend the Senators Summit.  The Senators get to know other bright students from around the nation, tour the nation’s capital, and discover more about President Coolidge during their time at the Summit.