Interesting Things You Need To Know About Women In Excellence Program


The percentage of women working has been appallingly low. The GDP contribution of women is among the lowest globally (17%). Despite the fact that women are active in secondary and tertiary education, the lack of female participation is concerning. 

Moreover, even though there are a lot of young women entering the workforce, their numbers decrease as one moves up the corporate pyramid. Women in Excellence is a cutting-edge program created to help women become effective leaders and encourage them to live an exceptional lifestyle. 

By creating mentorship opportunities, fostering teamwork, and assisting students in developing the abilities and tactics needed to accomplish their objectives, the program gives its students more power. At the moment, all high schools can join the Women of Excellence program, which serves more than 400 students overall. 

The Women in Excellence Initiative seeks to understand the challenges faced by women in the workforce and ensure meaningful, data-driven solutions in order to engage, retain, and accelerate the number of women in the workforce. With all of its programs, the program still makes a major contribution to women in business.

They are dedicated to a day when all people, regardless of gender, origin, religion, or other attributes, receive the same level of support. This is the reason why women of excellence wish to see a higher percentage of females in the (now male-dominated) services sector.


Program Specifications

  • Education GPA of at least 3.00
  • Exemplary behavioural standing
  • Strong attributes for leadership
  • Instructor’s recommendation
  • Application for Membership
  • Student interview

Women in Excellence program opportunities

Empowerment and Leadership

A lot of programs designed for women in excellence concentrate on giving women the tools they need to succeed in a variety of industries, such as business, science, technology, and politics. In order to support women in realizing their full potential, they frequently offer resources, mentorship opportunities, and leadership training.

Networking Possibilities

Women in Excellence programs frequently provide networking opportunities for participants to meet accomplished women in their industries. Building a network can be beneficial for both professional and personal development.

Skill Development

To improve participants’ professional and interpersonal skills, these programs include training sessions, workshops, and skill development initiatives. This can include managerial and technical prowess as well as communication and negotiating skills.

Recognition and Awards

The women in excellence programs hold awards ceremonies to honor and celebrate the accomplishments of women. This not only draws attention to each person’s achievements but also motivates others.

Diversity and Inclusion

Women in Excellence advocates for equal opportunities for women in traditionally male-dominated fields, the programs frequently center on promoting diversity and inclusion. This entails tackling problems like gender prejudice and promoting an inclusive work environment.


Women in Excellence programs frequently help participants develop a feeling of camaraderie. For women who face particular difficulties in both their personal and professional lives, developing a network of support can be extremely important. The Women in Excellence Programme facilitates the sharing of thoughts, insights, and solutions to common problems encountered by women across cultures and societies.