How To Write Scholarship Thank You Letter With Examples


After receiving a scholarship, thanking the scholarship donor in writing is a considerate and professional way to show your appreciation. You can write a thank-you note for a scholarship to the scholarship donors. It is a brief, formal letter in which you thank and express your gratitude for the financial support you received to further your education.

Although it’s not always required, writing one is strongly advised. This is so that you can encourage the donor to continue making similar gifts to students in the future by expressing your gratitude to them. It communicates to them our appreciation for them. 

Sometimes, even for scholarships funded by colleges, writing a thank-you note is necessary. Donors of scholarships are kind and giving individuals who selflessly contribute to helping students just like you with their academic pursuits. They make no demands in exchange. 

It’s always special to receive a thoughtfully worded thank you letter from the student who won the scholarship, as it expresses your gratitude to the donor for their support. Reminding them of the original reason for their gift, your letter frequently aids in securing ongoing contributions for upcoming pupils. 

Tips for writing a scholarship thank-you letters

Before starting, take a look at a few examples or templates. It is best to review a few sample letters before you start writing your own to get a sense of what to include. It will also give you an idea of the general format and assist you in determining how much detail would be sufficient.


Start by extending a greeting

Speak formally with the scholarship committee or the donor. Salute people appropriately by using phrases like “To the [Name of Scholarship] Committee” or “Dear [Donor’s Name].”

Show Your Appreciation

“Thank you very much” should begin the scholarship thank-you letter. Express your gratitude in full for being chosen as the recipient of the scholarship.

Make the Letter Personalised

Mention specific information about the scholarship, like its name, the amount awarded, and any requirements you met. In addition, it is always best to own your letter; it should be about you, not the scholarship.

Share Your Story

Describe your career and educational aspirations in brief. Tell the donor how the scholarship will help you in your academic endeavors.

Highlight Achievements and Contributions

Tell the donor about your achievements and extracurricular activities. This reaffirms that a worthy and committed student will benefit from their investment.

Write the letter in a clear, succinct manner

A scholarship thank-you note needs to be brief and easy to read. It should never be longer than a page and should have a minimum of two paragraphs. Additionally, remember to end the letter with your signature. 

End Professionally

End the letter in a way that shows professionalism. Make use of expressions such as “Sincerely,” “Best regards,” or “Thank you once again.”

Proofread everything.

Ensuring that your letter is error-free in terms of grammar and spelling is crucial. This is because, by sending them the letter, you are also demonstrating your intelligence to them. Furthermore, if you handle these details too carelessly, people will assume that you are just following the rules and don’t really care.

Letter Sample 

To The Donor, 

I’m writing to express my gratitude for your kind $5000 [Name of scholarship] award. I was overjoyed to hear that I had won your scholarship and felt incredibly grateful.

I’m majoring in biology with a focus on anatomy and physiology. I want to work as a chemist after I graduate from Plymouth State. As a junior presently enrolled in 17 units, my goal is to graduate in the autumn of 2024. I’m going to pharmacy school to get my pharmaceutical degree after I graduate.

I’ve gotten one step closer to that objective because of you. You have lessened my financial burden by giving me the [Name of scholarship], which enables me to concentrate more on the most crucial component of my education.

I’m motivated to lend a hand and give back to the community by your kindness. As you have helped me, I hope that one day I will be able to assist students in achieving their objectives.


[sign your name]