How To Apply For Spokeo Artificial Intelligence Scholarship


Scholarships can be a big step in the right direction for someone looking to further their education. They can give students much-needed support and lessen the financial burden of education. 

These scholarships gain even more value when they are associated with cutting-edge, in-demand fields like artificial intelligence (AI), as they not only facilitate learning but also advance important areas of knowledge.

For students interested in AI, the Spokeo Artificial Intelligence Scholarship is a notable opportunity. This scholarship offers a special opportunity to explore the field of artificial intelligence, making education approachable and focused on potential career paths. 

Spokeo is having a new essay contest as part of the relaunch of our scholarship program! $5,000 will be given to the student whose essay is the best.

Spokeo is a human search website that offers a blend of ways to find information about people by combining data from offline and online sources. Co-founder Harrison Tang had the idea for the website, which was founded in 2006 by four Stanford University grads, to serve as a platform for aggregating social media results.


Since then, the platform has developed into an information-gathering website that offers details on a variety of personal topics, such as household size, income, religion, spouse’s name, credit status, and even a satellite photo of one’s home with an estimated value. 

With 18 million users as of 2015, Spokeo brought in $57 million in revenue in 2014. Spokeo collects data via deep web crawlers; users can search for content by entering a name, email address, phone number, username, or address. 

The company doesn’t perform its own original research on personal data; instead, it compiles data from public records. By merging approximate marketing data with information gleaned from social media and online registry platforms, it provides users with access to 12 billion public records.

Spokeo Scholarship for Artificial Intelligence

A financial award based on achievement, the Spokeo Artificial Intelligence Scholarship is intended for students who exhibit a strong interest in artificial intelligence (AI). The purpose of this scholarship is to assist and motivate students who are keen to investigate the ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) can be utilized to significantly enhance human society and our daily existence.


  • Only those who are eighteen years of age or older at the time of entry  
  • Lawful residents of the United States and the District of Columbia are eligible to enter the contest.
  • Must be admitted to a college or university in the United States (the scholarship money will be sent straight to your school).
  • Every field of study is acceptable.
  • A minimum of two completed letters of recommendation must be provided. 
  • An essay between 800 and 1,250 words must be submitted.
  • Kindly send all the paperwork in English.
  • You cannot be a Spokeo employee or a relative of an employee

How to apply for Spokeo scholarship


Go to the scholarship’s official page on the Spokeo website and register if you’re a new user. If you’ve already registered with them, you can still log in. 

Complete the application.

Complete the scholarship application form in its entirety and with accuracy. Observe any particular guidelines that Spokeo may have given you. Ensure you fulfill all the prerequisites for eligibility listed in the scholarship program. 

Upload the required files

Assemble all necessary paperwork. Transcripts, recommendation letters, essays, personal statements, and evidence of enrollment are typical application materials for scholarships. These materials should be uploaded online.

Write an Essay

Put together a thoughtful essay. This is your chance to highlight your goals, accomplishments, and qualifications for the scholarship.

Send Your Application

Send in your application by the deadline mentioned. Verify that you have included all necessary documentation and that you have closely followed the application instructions. 

Final Thoughts

The Spokeo Artificial Intelligence Scholarship presents a fantastic chance for students to explore and share their individual viewpoints on the possible interaction between AI and the advancement of human civilization. It inspires them to consider the future and how AI might be used to better our planet.