How To Unshare Data On Glo


One of the quickest and easiest things a Glo user can do is to stop sharing data. We recognize that, at some point, you may want to delete some users from your shared data plan but you might not be sure how to do it. Even though it might appear impossible, unsharing data on Glo is as easy as knowing the right codes. In essence, *127* is the fundamental code for getting, giving, and unsharing data with Glo.

If you’re reading this, it implies you want to know exactly how to stop sharing your data on Glo. This post is just what you need in the situation. This is because we will explain how to unshare data on Glo step-by-step and respond to some frequently asked questions. 

Why Do You Withhold Data on Glo?

Many Glo members choose not to disclose their data for a variety of reasons. Among the noteworthy causes are;

  • to prevent some persons from using your data for their own gain.
  • to eliminate buddies that chicly share your info by slipping their numbers into your phone.
  • To make the most of data plans since having too many users using them could result in rapid data usage.

How to unshare data on Glo

Here are two ways you can stop someone from using your data plan or sharing your data with another person:

If you have too many users on your shared data plan, you will quickly run out of data, possibly just when you need it the most. You must first determine whether they are truly sharing your data before you can determine the number to unshare. This means that you must access each device sharing your data. So, to accomplish this, just carry out the following steps:


  • Send “List” to 127 by SMS, or dial *127*00# from your caller ID.
  • Following any of those actions, Glo would immediately reply with a message. In essence, this message list every phone number that is now sharing your data subscription.
  • Glo will also let you know if no one is sharing your data.

Or you can stop sharing data by:

  • on your call dialogue, enter *127*02*[friend’s number] or
  • “Remove [Friend’s number]” as a text message to 127
  • Practically speaking, you can either text “Remove 0805XXXXXX” to 127 or call *127*02*0805XXXXXX# from your message section. Note that the quotes are only being used here for illustration; you are not to include them in your Text.

When you text this, Glo should reply saying that the number has been dropped from your data plan and is no longer accessible. In essence, it’s that easy to stop sharing your data with a specific phone number.

How do I find out who is using Glo to share my data?

Simply enter *127*00# in your phone call log or text “List” to 127 to find out who is sharing your data with Glo. An SMS with the most recent list of contacts using your Glo data will be sent to you.

Who has access to my data?

Simply dial *127*00# to find out who is sharing your data. A pop-up displaying the list of phone numbers sharing your info will appear for you.

How do I find out who’s using my Glo data?

To find out who is sharing your Glo data, access your phone’s call history by dialing *127*00#.

How do I take someone out of the Glo data sharing?

Simply send Remove(phone number) to 127 or dial *127*02*(phone number)#. The phone number will be deleted.