Code To Check MTN Number


MTN is an international telecommunications firm based in South Africa. With more than 280 million members, it is Africa’s largest mobile network operator. More than 20 nations in Asia and Africa are served by MTN. 

In Nigeria for over thirty years, MTN has been the best and most prominent network. Since they were the initial network set up in Nigeria when cell phones were introduced, they have the most subscribers. Smartphone phones, broadband, and data services are just a few of the many telecommunications services that MTN provides. The business also provides insurance and banking services including mobile money.

This article outlines five ways to check your MTN number due to a large number of subscribers and the significance of knowing your number by heart. MTN generated $19.2 billion in sales and $2.7 billion in net income.

MTN has been under fire for its record on human rights issues, notably with regard to its operations in Nigeria. The Nigerian government fined MTN $5.2 billion in 2015 for neglecting to delete unregistered SIM cards. Most phones made today include two SIM slots thanks to technological advancements. 

Furthermore, most people typically struggle to recall their phone number in an emergency. You wouldn’t have to be concerned about memory in this way. Stay on to learn the five ways you may check your MTN number online. One advantage of using these techniques is that they are simple, making it possible for anyone with a basic understanding of the internet to check their MTN number online.


5 ways to check your MTN number

MTN Number Checking is possible in a number of ways. We’ll go over some of the best and most effective ways to check your MTN number online in this article part. You can check your MTN number online using some of the following methods:

  • Check-MTN-number code
  • MTN’s self-help program
  • Ask for a callback
  • Call Your Friends
  • Customer Service

1. Check-MTN-number USSD

The MTN firm, like the majority of other telecommunications providers in Nigeria, has made it simple for anyone to instantly check their phone number online. One of the most well-known telecommunications firms in Nigeria is MTN, which has a strong commitment to servicing the general public.

You may easily become familiar with your phone number with the USSD code and use it whenever necessary. You can dial *123# in order to check your MTN number using a code; this will give you a range of possibilities from which to pick. Make sure your active MTN number is used when you call this number. A welcome choice will appear, after which you can select the “my number” option to see your phone number displayed.

2. MTN’s self-help 

People can transact or perform any action on the MTN platform through the self-service portal that MTN provides. Typically, this self-service site is accessible at all times. Efficiency is one quality that has distinguished the MTN platform in Nigeria from other telecommunications networks and businesses. You need an engaged MTN number and a PIN to log in to the MTN self-service. 

This is how it works: send the short message “Care” to the quick number 5018, and you will receive a reply with a link that will take you to the myMTN App application on the Play Store. Checking your number is one of the many MTN things you can do using the app.

3. Ask for a callback

This is yet another of the best ways to check your MTN number online. Because this service is free, the MTN telecommunication network stands out from the majority of other telecommunication networks in Nigeria. It also has a built-in model that gives call-me-back features.

To do this, phone *133# and then do as instructed. You can select the option to “call me back” after dialing this number. The platform will then phone you back and you will hear your number.

4. Call Your Friends

Although the other methods mentioned above are better for emergencies, you can still use this technique when you wish to check your phone number or learn it at leisure. In order to write down your phone number on paper so that you can memorize it later, you must call any of your friends. Your phone number will be displayed to them.

You can ask them to call it on your behalf. However, the fact that this approach is not free and that it requires airtime on your phone in order to be used in an emergency has discouraged many people from using it.

5. Customer service

This is a different, yet very efficient way to look up your MTN number. The MTN firms have made it simple and cost-free for individuals to use this technique to contact their customer support representatives.

You must go to the official MTN website to contact customer service. As you browse the site, you will see various features from which you can select the one you want. For example, if you select the icon labeled “check my MTN number,” your MTN number will appear right away, and you can either copy it or memorize it. Additionally, you can get customer assistance right from the website.