10 Reasons Why I Deserve A Scholarship


One of the biggest obstacles facing students pursuing higher education is paying tuition. Therefore, since a scholarship pays for a student’s educational expenses, it’s a great way to get over financial rough spots. It is crucial to remember that a student’s ability to obtain a scholarship is not based solely on their academic standing. 

Writing a compelling scholarship essay is also crucial since it will support the student’s scholarship application. The key to writing a stellar scholarship essay is to provide arguments that will support the applicant’s candidacy and win over the selection committee. 

I was a little arrogant when I first started applying for financial aid or scholarships and secretly believed that people would start giving me money because of my good grades and clear talent, but that’s not exactly how it worked out.

To be exact, I applied for twenty-five scholarships before I was awarded one. What did I do incorrectly? Nothing, as it turns out; you just need to be aware that a lot of scholarship programs are selective, particularly those that require a scholarship essay as part of your college or high school application.

The possibility of your submission making it to the finals or getting rejected depends on who is reviewing it and the scholarship essay that was submitted to the scholarship committee.


10 reasons why I deserve a scholarship

Academic achievement

Draw attention to your consistently high academic standing, which demonstrates your passion and commitment to education. Highlight particular successes, accolades, or scholastic benchmarks that demonstrate your worth.

Drive and passion

Talk about your sincere enthusiasm for your extracurricular or academic pursuits. Give examples from your experiences that demonstrate your passion and drive to succeed in your chosen field.

Unique experiences

Tell us about your experiences overcoming obstacles or dealing with unusual situations. Emphasize how these experiences have molded your resilience, character, and will to succeed in the face of adversity.

Personal growth

Consider your own personal advancement. Talk about the ways in which your extracurricular and academic experiences have shaped who you are as a person.

Cultural diversity and perspective

If appropriate, talk about how the academic community is more diverse because of your background or distinct viewpoint. Stress the importance of a range of experiences and points of view.

Career objectives

Describe your goals and how the scholarship will help you get there. Describe how the field you have chosen fits with your objectives and how the scholarship will help you on your path.

Leadership skills

Highlight the times you’ve shown leadership, whether it was by managing a group of people, planning activities, or assuming charge in your neighborhood. Highlight the ways in which these encounters have molded your personality and capacity to motivate others.

Community involvement

Describe your volunteerism, advocacy work, and community service activities. Emphasize your achievements and how they complement the scholarship provider’s principles.

Financial need

If applicable, describe your financial circumstances and how receiving the scholarship would help you by easing your financial load and freeing you up to concentrate more on your goals and studies.

Gratitude and commitment 

Thank the scholarship committee for the opportunity, and promise to utilize the funds as much as possible. Explain how you intend to return the favor in the future by making meaningful contributions to your community or area of interest.