How To Apply For Best Beginnings Scholarship


Starting a higher education journey often takes more than just academic ability; it also often takes financial support, perseverance, and determination. When it comes to scholarships, the Best Beginnings Scholarship is a ray of hope that inspires aspirant students to follow their academic goals. 

Applying for this scholarship is more than just asking for money; it’s a chance for applicants to share their individual stories, ambitions, and steadfast dedication to academic achievement. 

This all-inclusive manual seeks to assist applicants in navigating the complex application process for the prestigious Best Beginnings Scholarship, enabling them to express their goals, potential, and the transformative power of education.

The Best Beginnings Scholarship is more than just financial aid to many aspirant scholars; it is a chance to follow their academic goals, get past obstacles, and start a life-changing educational path. 

Comprehending the application procedure and creating an engaging application is not just a chore; it’s a creative demonstration of one’s goals, accomplishments, and dedication to academic success. 


For eligible low-income families whose child attends a licensed daycare center, licensed group or family home, or a Family, Friend, and Neighbor child care provider, the Early Childhood Services Bureau offers Best Beginnings child care scholarships. 

Each family pays a portion of the cost of that care according to a sliding fee schedule. Working families who make up at least 185% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines and those who receive cash assistance through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program are eligible for scholarships. When parents are unable to care for their children, the program assists in covering the cost of care:

  • within business hours;
  • When in class or for training, 
  • If they are a high school student and a teen parent

Qualification Standards

Eligible families are those with working parents who make less than 185% of the federal poverty level. The Child Care Sliding Fee Scale is used to calculate a co-payment after family income is taken into account for eligibility. categories of eligible people

  • Families with two parents must work a minimum of 120 hours a month.
  • Families with a single parent must work at least 60 hours a month.
  • Families with one parent or two parents who attend full-time school or training are exempt from the work requirement.
  • Families with one or more parents attending school or training part-time, whether they are single parents or have two parents, must fulfill a work requirement that considers their education and training.
  • High school-age parents who are also teens 

How to Apply

Use the Online Application

To submit your application online, use the portal. Recognize the requirements for eligibility, the dates for applications, the paperwork needed, and the principles or goals that the scholarship upholds. Getting acquainted with these elements establishes a solid basis for a thoroughly thought-out application.

Paper Applications

Applications for Best Beginnings are available at our Bozeman or Helena offices during business hours, as well as after hours. On request, applications can be mailed. Gather all required paperwork well in advance. Transcripts of your academic records and recommendation letters from your child care center are usually included in this.