Which App Sells The Cheapest Data In Nigeria?


Are you looking for sites to buy cheap data online? Worry no more, we like Awuf just as you do and that’s why we will gladly show you a list of the most reliable and trusted web apps that deal on the cheapest data plan purchases for your personal use, business, family, and friends.

It’s obvious that many Nigerians spend heavily on internet bundles which help them stay active online and across different social media platforms streaming and enjoying their favorite content. If you’re like me and like enjoying videos on Netflix, Showmax, and Youtube or spend enough time on Tiktok watching the latest trend, your only savior would be a cheap data plug that can sell you urgent 2GB data in Nigeria at chikele money.

Which app is best for buying and selling data in Nigeria?

Regardless of how big or small you consume internet data plans, the list we will disclose to you today will satisfy your need for the cheapest data options in Nigeria. One of the most amazing features of these platforms is that you can also use them as a data reselling app, for bill payment and your cable TV subscriptions.

1. VTU – Vtu.ng

VTU.ng is a popular data platform in Nigeria that goes beyond selling data. They provide opportunities for customers to resell data and offer some of the most affordable services. With a minimum of ₦250, you can purchase 1GB of data that will serve you well. VTU.ng also offers additional services such as utility bill payments and data exchange for cash. Known for their prompt service and cost-effective data options for any network in Nigeria, VTU.ng is a reliable choice.

2. Speedy Data – Speedydata.com.ng

Speedy Data is a reliable platform offering seamless and affordable internet data services throughout Nigeria. They provide cheap data plans that can be used nationwide without any delays. On Speedy Data, you can purchase MTN data for as low as ₦270, with similar offerings available for other networks. The platform also enables convenient payment of utility bills, eliminating the need for offline transactions.


3. Data Factory – Datafactory.com.ng

Data Factory is a leading data-selling platform in Nigeria, providing convenient and instant purchase of airtime and data plans for MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile. The website caters to both individual users and resellers/agents, allowing agents to resell data plans and earn profits.

One notable aspect of Data Factory is its wide range of data plans available at affordable prices. Their website is user-friendly and secure, as affirmed by positive user reviews. With a commitment to fostering economic and individual growth, Data Factory offers competitive rates and diverse services. Their data plans start as low as N50 and remain valid for a month.

4. NairaData – Nairadata.com.ng

When it comes to purchasing internet data, NairaData stands out as a highly reliable platform. This website offers affordable data plans, ensuring that even for as low as ₦250, users can acquire data that lasts without rapid depletion. As one of the best websites for purchasing cheap data in Nigeria, NairaData also provides additional services. For example, you can obtain 500MB for ₦190 or 1GB for ₦290 on their platform. NairaData allows you to sell excess data for cash and offers the convenience of bill payments.

5. Paycheap – Paycheap.ng

Paycheap is a versatile platform that facilitates the purchase of mobile data bundles, VTU airtime, bulk SMS, payment of electricity bills, TV subscriptions, money transfers to Nigerian banks, and the generation of WAEC PINs. With both web and mobile versions, Paycheap ensures fast and cost-saving transactions, making the process stress-free.

6 AirtimeFlip – Airtimeflip.com

AirtimeFlip is widely regarded as one of Nigeria’s top data-selling platforms. It specializes in providing convenient solutions such as converting airtime to cash, instant purchase of airtime, and data plans for MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile, as well as facilitating bill payments.

With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, AirtimeFlip aims to foster economic and individual growth by addressing the daily connectivity challenges faced by people. Users have praised their secure and user-friendly website. AirtimeFlip offers the best and most affordable rates, a diverse range of services, and a commitment to excellence.

Over to you

Now that we have shown you 6 of the most reliable platform ranked as the cheapest data reselling app where you can buy cheap data in Nigeria, we hope that it helps you solve your data purchase challenges. Do well to share this information with your friends and colleagues at the workplace so they will enjoy unlimited data awuf with you.