How To Convert Data To Cash In Nigeria


Data subscription has become a major part of internet users today and there are several instances we could find ourselves wanting to sell off some amount of internet data from our data bundle and have the cash equivalent. That’s why we have received several questions such as; “How do I change my data to cash on MTN?,” “Which app can I use to convert data to money?,” and “How can I convert my mobile data to cash in Nigeria?” We will make sure we answer these questions in this special guide.

So, if you’re in Nigeria and you’ve been wondering if it is possible to convert data to Naira, this post is specially baked for you.

Let’s dive in…

Most people who want to convert data to cash are people who mistakenly purchased data, or received a lot of data as gifts whereas what they needed the most at that very point in time is cash. Can I convert data bundles to airtime? Let’s see how to do it below:

Simple ways to convert data to cash

There’s no need to look for the code to convert data to money if you can do the following simple steps to convert MB to airtime:


1. Look for someone using the same network as you

When you get someone who is on the same network provider as you, ask them if they would like to buy a data bundle from you that you have to sell. While doing this, specify the amount of data bundle you’re willing to sell to the person and indicate if you have some discounts for anyone willing to buy from you.

2. Send the data bundle

Once the person agrees to buy from you, the next thing to do is to send the data bundle to them. You will need to have their phone number and figure out the data-sharing code for your specific network. There’s the MTN data transfer code, Airtel data transfer code, 9Mobile data transfer code, and also that of Globacom.

3. Confirm successful transactions and get paid

Once the transaction is successful, get paid by the receiver the agreed amount of money for the data bundle is sent. By so doing, you’ve successfully converted your data bundle to cash in Nigeria.


There are also a great number of convert data to money apps in Nigeria, but I will list only the most reliable ones. This listing is based on positive user reviews on Playstore and the app store. So if you are looking for an app to convert data to cash in Nigeria, you can try the following recommendations.

List Of Apps To Convert Data To Cash Or Airtime In Nigeria

  • Swiftbills
  • Eazymobile
  • Recharge2Cash
  • Modelc
  • ipayairtime
  • GoSub
  • Aimtoget

How do I reverse data purchase on MTN?

  1. Contact MTN Customer Support: Reach out to MTN customer support as soon as possible to request a reversal of the data purchase. You can do this by dialing the MTN customer care number or visiting their official website to find the appropriate contact details.
  2. Provide Necessary Information: When contacting customer support, be prepared to provide them with the relevant details regarding the data purchase you want to reverse. This may include your mobile number, the date and time of the purchase, the amount of data purchased, and any other pertinent information.
  3. Explain the Situation: Clearly explain to the customer support representative why you would like to reverse the data purchase. Whether it’s due to an accidental purchase, technical issues, or any other valid reason, make sure to communicate your situation clearly and politely.
  4. Follow Instructions: Follow any instructions or guidelines provided by the customer support representative. They may ask you to provide additional information or go through a specific process to initiate the data purchase reversal. If this doesn’t work, you can resort to selling to your friends and family.


If you still need help with your data bundle conversion to cash or airtime, do not hesitate to let us know through the comment section below. And as always, we will keep updating this content with the latest tips on how to convert data bundles to cash or airtime.

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