How To Withdraw From Pillow Fund


With the express purpose of giving Africans a trustworthy means to save money and increase their wealth, Pillow Fund, a financial services company, has opened up its service on the continent. 

Nigeria, the biggest economy in Africa, is now home to the Pillow Fund, which offers a range of goods and services that let customers earn interest on their deposited money while also actively addressing the issue of rising living expenses. 

The pillow fund is poised to level the playing field for Nigerians by educating them on the potential possibilities that lie in cryptocurrencies. Pillow Fund has already assisted over 100,000 users in 60+ countries around the world in hedging against price inflation and its growing pangs that are gradually threatening to cripple economies globally. 

The Pillow app also places a strong emphasis on security and openness. The pillow fund takes extra precautions to make sure that consumers’ money is secure by utilizing the most advanced control and security technology available. 

In addition to security precautions, Pillow uses Bitgo, which offers $250 million in financial insurance, to provide an additional degree of financial security. Some of the top investors in the world, including Elevation Capital and the creators of Polygon and Defi Pulse, have backed Pillow funds. 


The moment is here to increase your fortune and make sure it will last for generations! With as little as 1,000 naira, you may start a saving habit as Pillow Fund lets users save money in dollars and generate daily passive income. 

Users of the pillow fund had the option to deposit money in naira and receive up to 14% in annual interest. There were no lock-in times or maturity dates, and the interest was paid out regularly. Additionally, the pillow fund provided a referral program where users could earn rewards for introducing friends to the app.

However, Pillow Fund declared that it would cease operations in July 2023. “Regulatory challenges” were mentioned by the corporation as the cause of the closure. thus you must withdraw your money if you use the pillow fund. Prior to the July 7th, 2023 deadline for bank withdrawals and the July 31st, 2023 deadline for cryptocurrency withdrawals. You can withdraw your money by doing the following:

  • Activate the pillow fund app.
  • Select “withdraw” by tapping it.
  • Enter the withdrawal amount you want to make.
  • Choose a withdrawal method.
  • You won’t be able to log into your pillow fund account after you’ve withdrawn your money.

The following are some benefits and drawbacks of using a pillow fund:


  • Profit daily from your savings through passive income
  • No maturity dates or lock-in periods
  • Simple and user-friendly app
  • Referral system


  • Not subject to the central bank of Nigeria’s regulation
  • High-interest rates might not be tenable.
  • Customer support is scarce

In conclusion

Pillow Fund is a fresh and creative savings software. The company’s decision to cease operations has, however, led to some questions about the security of customer funds. Do your research and comprehend the hazards associated if you’re still thinking of keeping your funds in the pillow app.