Specta Loan: Requirements And How To Apply


Sterling Bank is the owner and operator of Spectra. With financial facilities, the platform wants to assist salary earners and business owners. This resource is in the form of a loan that assists people in covering bills and meeting personal requirements.

Businesses, on the other hand, utilize theirs to manage operations, grow their companies, and engage in head-to-head rivalry with competitors. Specta offers short-term loans with minimal paperwork and no collateral.

Yes, their terms and conditions and payment schedules are convenient and hassle-free. Again, you can get a loan from Specta without going to Sterling Bank or opening an account there. Specta doesn’t take its time dispersing money like other financial establishments. 

Specta Loan Website

Users that are interested in applying for loans to fund their own operations can do so on the Specta lending website. Mobile devices running Android and iOS can access the website. Using a laptop or computer or mobile device, you can browse the website for the application.

Loan Specta App

The Specta loan website and app are the same things. The sole distinction between the two is that one is an app and the other is a browseable website. Open your Play Store to download the Specta loan app. The software has, nevertheless, received roughly 2.6 out of 5.0 stars. This shows that users are not comfortable with the UX/UI of the software, likely due to some of its flaws.


Loan Packages by Specta

1. Specta Prime

The first Specta loan package on our list is Specta Prime. This bundle is special because it enables you to use the site to lend and borrow money as well as make investments. You can borrow money via the platform in a variety of currencies, including dollars, euros, pound sterling, and naira.

2. Specta4Business

The lending program Specta4Business is another one. It is exclusively for business owners and considerably different from Specta Basic. The platform loan is only a secondary objective in this package. This is due to the perks that are associated with it, which will significantly benefit your business.

Business entrepreneurs can register their companies similarly to CAC with the Specta4Business funding package. If you are qualified and verified, you can also borrow two million Naira (2,000 000) via the portal.

3. Specta Allowance

This financing program is intended to assist young people who are active members of the NYSC scheme. They utilize this financing facility to advance their careers or businesses.

4. Specta Quick Cash

This loan package is available to everyone, as the name would imply, regardless of the type of bank they deal with. You have the option of borrowing twenty thousand Naira (#20,000). However, your transaction history and credit limit will play a role in this.

5. Specta Basic

A loan package available only to wage workers and company owners is called the Specta basic. If your application is accepted, you may obtain up to five million Naira (5,000,000) right now. The interest rate is reasonable, and the repayment schedule and length are both convenient.

You don’t require a lot of paperwork. Having a bank account with Sterling Bank is the most crucial condition in this situation. Make sure you have one with one of the well-known commercial banks if you don’t already have one with Sterling Bank.

What Conditions Must Be Met To Securing A Loan From Specta?

To qualify for a Specta loan, there are no specific qualifications. The prerequisites are heavily influenced by the sort of package or loaning plan you select.

There are some standard prerequisites you need to get a specta loan.

  • You need to be a customer of Sterling Bank or another commercial bank. Most of the time, only Sterling bank accounts are required.
  • You should possess a reliable form of identification and a functioning phone number.
  • Along with your bank’s BVN, you also need to provide your email address.

Applying for a Specta Loan

Follow these steps to apply for any of specta’s loan packages:

  • Go to the Specta loan page by launching your browser.
  • Fill out the essential information on the Salary Domiciliation Agreement by downloading it.
  • After that, send Specta an email at [email protected] along with the document.
  • You must register your savings account with the Corporate Customer Salary Account if you use one for business purposes.
  • Your information will be processed, and if deemed to be qualified, you will be authorized and get the money in a short period of time. You can, of course, also use the Specta loan app by registering and following the steps there.