How To Register With Squad By GTCO


Businesses can use Squad, a payment service provided by GTBank subsidiary HabariPay Limited. This will make it easier for them to receive money and make payments whenever and wherever they want. Businesses may easily manage all of their business accounts with Squad in one location.

Additionally, you can explore these pleasures without being a recognized firm. Using the available technologies, Squad enables businesses to expand beyond only payments. One of the advancements in the corporate world is Squad by GTCO. The squad is the best option if you wish to manage multiple enterprises from one location while simultaneously carrying out other tasks.

How is Squad by GTCO functional?

Squad is a tool used by businesses to send payments of all kinds. You must register by setting up a squad account in order to begin using premium services; we will go over how to do that in a later portion of this post.

Squad allows you to;

  • Utilizing our credit card links, e-invoices, and storefront tools, you can accept and start payments online or through social media.
  • Utilizing our Virtual account service, instantaneously receive and confirm in-store transfers.
  • Get special USSD codes for your company so you may accept payments.
  • Download the Squad app to your phone to accept card payments. If you don’t have a POS terminal, this capability comes in handy (please notice that the mobile phone needs to be NFC-enabled).

Squad services

Squad provides a variety of services. The popular and important services are listed below.


  • E-commerce
  • Payout procedures
  • SquadPOS Payment links
  • E-commerce

You can advertise your goods or services in the Habari Deals Market by joining Squad. Nothing to pay for, not even maintenance. Payment Paths Squad offers its users payment channels. Credit and debit cards, USSD, and bank transfers are what they are.


Another outstanding service provided by Squad GTCO is SquadPOS. Here, businesses can accept card payments straight from clients’ mobile devices instead of a POS or any other gear.

Squad payment links

You can create client payment links by joining Squad. Various linkages are included.

  • Links for installments payment
  • Links to make a one-time electronic payment
  • Particular links for each product’s payment
  • Link for donations in fundraising.

How to register with Squad

You must first sign up for an account in order to use Squad’s services. You can just explore Squad for your business whether or not you are a registered business. The steps to accomplishing this are as follows;

  • visit the Squad website
  • When you click the link, a form will appear. Fill out the form completely by entering your information accurately.
  • Your company’s name and Contact information (phone, email).
  • For privacy and security, you must then make a strong password.
  • Once you’re satisfied, submit your application.

as soon as you log into Squad. We suggest upgrading your KYC to avoid restrictions.

What is GTCO’s Squad?

A company payment solution is Squad by GTCO. This implies that companies, whether registered or not, can send and receive money from anywhere in the world.

Who owns Squadco?

HabariPay Limited runs and oversees Squad. a GTBank subsidiary. This business manages payment issues.

How does Squad POS work?

Businesses can use SquadPOS to transform mobile phones and tablets into terminals. enabling cashless transactions devoid of point of sale or other devices.


Using Squad’s payment links, e-invoices, and storefront features, you can receive as well as send money. Utilizing their Virtual account service, instantaneously receive and confirm in-store transfers. Get special USSD codes for your company so you may accept payments. Every firm can use Squad by GTCO as a payment solution. You may conduct business and handle it smoothly in comfort.