PalmPay Loan App – Loan USSD Code And How To Apply


How do I borrow money from my PalmPay account? The advent of fintech companies has revolutionized the banking system, making it easier than ever to secure loans without the hassle of paperwork or collateral. Among these fintech companies, PalmPay stands out as a leading platform. If you’re interested in applying for a PalmPay loan, this article will guide you through the process.

Whether you are looking for how to borrow money from palmpay without bvn, a text or video guide, how much can i borrow from palmpay for the first time, and how to extend PalmPay loan, you will find this guide helpful.

PalmPay Loan App

PalmPay is a financial technology platform that offers loans, money transfers, and bill payments from the convenience of your home. Their loans are instant and require minimal documentation. This helped the loan app gain a lot of popularity as it is widely used by Nigerians to solve their financial needs. With over 17 millions views on how to borrow money from palmpay videos on TikTok, one can really draw to conclusions that PalmPay is obviously popular for their loan features, PalmPay POS and many more.

Three Reasons To Choose PalmPay

PalmPay sets itself apart from other digital banking platforms in three key ways. You can enjoy the following amazing features once you have your PalmPay login:

  1. Flexibility: PalmPay allows borrowers to choose the loan amount and repayment duration according to their needs and preferences.
  2. Instant: PalmPay’s automated lending platform ensures fast loan disbursement. Once the eligibility criteria are met, borrowers can expect to receive their loans within minutes of approval.
  3. Low-Interest Rate: PalmPay offers loans at a minimal interest rate of 15%, making it affordable for the average Nigerian borrower.

Requirements For Obtaining Loans On PalmPay

To qualify for a PalmPay loan, applicants must meet the following requirements:


  1. Nigerian citizenship and residency.
  2. A good credit history with no outstanding debts or blacklisting from other lending platforms.
  3. Minimum age requirement of 22 years.
  4. An active bank account with a commercial bank in Nigeria.
  5. A Bank Verification Number (BVN) for identification and verification purposes.
  6. A valid means of identification.
  7. A smartphone capable of downloading the PalmPay loan app.
  8. A registered phone number and email address for confirmation and verification.

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How To Apply For A Loan On PalmPay

To apply for a loan on PalmPay, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the PalmPay loan app on your smartphone (available for iOS and Android).
  2. Sign up and create an account using your email address or phone number.
  3. Choose your preferred loan option.
  4. Withdraw the funds once your loan application is approved.

What is the code for PalmPay loan?

To apply for loan using the PalmPay Loan Code, follow the steps below;

  1. Dial *652# using the phone number you registered with PalmPay Limited.
  2. Select the “Loan” option
  3. Follow the easy prompt and apply for a loan.
  4. Get your loan disbursed into your PalmPay account immediately after approval.

Loan Limits And Interest Rates

How much can I borrow from PalmPay for the first time? PalmPay offers a loan limit of N10,000 for new users, which can be increased based on timely repayments. Established users can borrow up to N200,000. The interest rate ranges from 15% to 30% based on the amount borrowed and the borrower’s credit score.

PalmPay Repayment Plan And Process

PalmPay loans have repayment periods ranging from 30 days to 12 months. New users have shorter repayment periods initially, which can be extended as they build a positive repayment history. To repay your PalmPay loan:

  1. Launch the PalmPay app and log in to your account.
  2. Click on the “loan repayment” icon and select the loan you wish to repay.
  3. Choose your preferred repayment method and submit your application.
  4. Your loan amount will be debited from your account upon approval.

Consequences Of Defaulting On PalmPay Loan

Defaulting on a PalmPay loan incurs penalties, including an increased interest rate of 20% and a 5% late payment fee. Continued non-compliance may result in blacklisting by the Credit Bureau, making it difficult to borrow from other platforms until the debt is settled.


Can I withdraw the money I borrow from PalmPay?

Yes, after a successful PalmPay loan application, you can withdraw your loan immediately after the loan application is approved.

How much is the minimum deposit for PalmPay?

If you just created a PalmPay account and wondering how much could be the minimum deposit into your Palmpay account, ₦100 can get you started.

What bank is PalmPay under?

PalmPay became popular and many even wonder what could be the full meaning of PalmPay. So, if you are asking to know which Bank owns PalmPay, it’s important to note that PalmPay just like every other bank operating in Nigeria, is registered and liscensed under the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

PalmPay is a legitimate fintech platform licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, offering convenient access to instant loans at low-interest rates. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can apply for a PalmPay loan and benefit from their flexible terms and quick disbursement process. Remember to repay your loans on time to improve your creditworthiness and avoid penalties.

For any further inquiries or clarifications, you can reach out to PalmPay through the following contact details:

Yes, PalmPay is an excellent platform for obtaining instant loans without the need for collateral or extensive paperwork. This article has provided a comprehensive guide on how to apply for PalmPay loans, and we are confident that you now have a clear understanding of the process. If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to share them in the comments section, and we will respond promptly.