How To Borrow Money From Access Bank Using USSD Code


What is the loan code for Access Bank 2023?

In today’s fast-paced world, accessing funds quickly and conveniently is essential. Access Bank provides a user-friendly way to borrow money through their USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of borrowing money from Access Bank using USSD, enabling you to meet your financial needs swiftly. Let’s get started!

Access Bank USSD code for loan

Before proceeding, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the USSD code used by Access Bank for borrowing money. Access Bank’s USSD code for borrowing loan is *901*11#. This code allows you to request for a loan directly from your mobile device.

However, as you learn how to borrow money from Access bank using USSD code online, it is also important to know about the following:

Check loan eligibility

To ensure you qualify for a loan, it’s crucial to check your eligibility before proceeding. Access Bank has specific requirements that must be met to be eligible for a loan. Dial *901*11# or *426*11#. and follow the instructions to confirm your eligibility.


Choose your loan option

Access Bank provides various loan options to suit different needs. After confirming your eligibility, the next step is to choose the loan option that best suits your requirements. The USSD menu will display available loan options and their corresponding codes. Select the appropriate code to proceed.

Enter loan amount

Once you’ve selected the loan option, the next step is to enter the desired loan amount. Carefully enter the amount you wish to borrow using your device’s keypad. Ensure it aligns with the loan terms and conditions provided by Access Bank.

Review loan terms

After entering the loan amount, the USSD menu will display the loan terms and conditions. Take a moment to review them carefully, paying attention to interest rates, repayment periods, and any associated fees. It’s crucial to understand the terms before proceeding.

Accept terms and confirm loan

If you’re satisfied with the loan terms, it’s time to accept them and proceed with the loan application. Follow the prompts on the USSD menu to confirm your acceptance. Be aware that by confirming, you agree to repay the loan within the specified period.

Receive loan disbursement

Once your loan application is approved, Access Bank will disburse the funds directly to your account. You’ll receive a notification confirming the loan disbursement. Depending on the loan option chosen, the funds may be available immediately or within a specified timeframe.

Types of Access bank loans and their requirements

It is important to know the types of loans available at Access banks and discover which one is best for you. As a bank, they offer the following variety of loans.

Access Bank Personal Loan

When opting for this personal loan, borrowers can choose a tenor of 36 months. The tenor refers to the repayment period for the loan. In this case, borrowers have the flexibility of repaying the loan amount over a span of 36 months, allowing for manageable monthly installments. This extended repayment period enables borrowers to comfortably budget their finances and repay the loan without straining their monthly cash flow.

Access bank personal loan requirements:

Get your Bank Verification Number (BVN) ready. An application form, a letter of confirmation from your employer, and other relevant documents.

Access Bank Small Ticket Personal Loan

Access Bank offers a loan product that provides borrowers with a substantial borrowing capacity, exceeding 400% of their total monthly income or salary. This loan option is designed to cater to individuals who require a higher loan amount to meet their specific financial needs, be it for significant expenses or investments.

With Access Bank’s loan offering, borrowers have the flexibility to access funds well beyond their monthly income. This feature enables them to secure a loan amount that aligns with their financial goals and requirements, ensuring they have adequate funds to address their specific needs.


You need the following;

  • A valid phone number.
  • A statement showing you got your salary in the previous months.
  • And your BVN.

Salary Advance Loan

Access Bank offers a salary advance loan that shares similarities with their small-ticket personal loan, but with a few key distinctions. The salary advance loan provides a straightforward and hassle-free borrowing experience, making it an attractive option for individuals seeking immediate financial assistance.

Unlike the small ticket personal loan, where borrowers can borrow up to 400% of their net monthly salary, the salary advance loan allows borrowers to access 100% of their net monthly salary. This loan option provides borrowers with a quick and accessible solution to meet their urgent financial needs without having to wait for their full salary to be paid.


Be a salary earner

Provide Bank Verification Number (BVN)

Creative Sector Loan

If you are in the creative industry and looking for the best loan to give yourself the desired boost, then the Creative Sector loan by Access bank, back by the Central Bank of Nigeria is the go to loan you should apply for.


Your business plan presentation is a major part of this requirement.

W-Power Loan

Access Bank introduces the W Power Loan as a specialized financing option tailored exclusively for female-owned businesses. This loan aims to empower women entrepreneurs by providing them with the financial resources necessary to expand their businesses and compete effectively in the market.

The W Power Loan is a testament to Access Bank’s commitment to promoting gender equality and supporting women in their entrepreneurial endeavors. By offering this loan, the bank recognizes the unique challenges faced by female entrepreneurs and strives to bridge the gender gap in business opportunities.


  • Businesses older than one year.
  • Must have at least two staff.
  • Must be owned by a female(s)

Lending Against Turnover (LATO)

Lending Against Turnover abbreviated as LATO is a 30 days loan repayment feature provided by Access Bank that does not require collateral to access. There’s literally no paperwork required to access this type of loan. You can apply for this loan using the Access Bank USSD code provided above.


  • Salary verification
  • Valid phone number
  • Bank Verification Number

Device finance loan

If you are in urgent need of mobile devices but lack the fund to get them, Access Bank has made provision for a device finance loan to help you acquire your dream device.


  • Bank Verification Number
  • Application Letter
  • Credit history.

Maternal Health Service And Support

The Health Emergency Loan provided by Access Bank is specifically designed to assist individuals and couples who may encounter unexpected medical expenses related to childbirth, fertility treatments, and other health-related emergencies. This loan scheme recognizes the significance of these situations and aims to alleviate the financial burden that often accompanies them.


  • Bank Verification Number
  • Valid phone number
  • Medical report
  • Application form and other credentials.

Vehicle Finance

Access Bank offers Vehicle Finance, a specialized loan product designed to cater to the needs of individuals and businesses seeking to acquire vehicles for various purposes. Whether it’s for personal use or to enhance business operations, this loan option provides a convenient and accessible financing solution.

The Vehicle Finance loan enables borrowers to secure the funds required to purchase vehicles that align with their specific needs. Whether it’s a car, van, truck, or any other type of vehicle, Access Bank’s loan offering supports borrowers in acquiring the necessary transportation assets for their personal or business requirements.

One of the key advantages of the Vehicle Finance loan is the extended repayment period of 48 months. This feature allows borrowers to spread the loan repayment over a longer duration, making the monthly installments more affordable and manageable. The 48-month repayment period provides borrowers with the flexibility to align their repayments with their cash flow and financial capabilities.


  • BVN
  • Utility bill

How to pay back Access bank loan

  1. Loan Repayment Plans: Access Bank and many other banks offer monthly repayment plans. They deduct the repayment amount automatically from your account, making it convenient for borrowers.
  2. Consequences of Non-Compliance: If you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of your loan agreement, banks may take certain actions. This can include selling off the collateral you provided or increasing the interest rate on the loan.
  3. Common Practices: It’s not just Access Bank but also other reputable banks like Zenith Bank that follow similar procedures regarding loan repayment and consequences for non-compliance.
  4. Taking Responsibility: It’s essential to take responsibility for your actions and fulfill your loan obligations on time. By doing so, you can avoid additional pressure and extra charges associated with delayed payments.
  5. Future Loan Eligibility: Timely repayment of loans improves your creditworthiness and increases your chances of obtaining loans in the future. Banks consider your repayment history when evaluating loan applications.

Access Bank’s USSD code provides a convenient and efficient way to borrow money when you need it the most. By following this simple step-by-step guide, you can access the funds you require swiftly and meet your financial obligations effectively. Remember to borrow responsibly and repay your loan on time to maintain a healthy financial profile.