How To Use the PayMyRent loan app


Damilare Ogunyemi developed the Paymyrent program, which provides loans for housing rent. It is a platform for saving money that enables you to invest and save for rent in any amount on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. It’s a great idea to save money here and there with the intention of utilizing it to pay your bills, especially your rent.

If you have three issues with saving money such to set aside money for rent, making a purchase, and investing in order to increase returns. To save money (like it was done in the past), you might even think about acquiring a saving box for that or excavating a hole around your property.

Unable to pay rent which is one of their most essential necessities of livelihood, the average Nigerian risks being evicted by their landlord. Rent is the price for land, therefore it is not always easy to raise it, especially if you make poor financial decisions or are involved in an unavoidable incident.

The land is also not always readily available to everyone, especially if you are not a native of the area. Rent payments are inversely correlated with taste; the higher your taste, the higher your rent payments. This is a problem for city residents and those who want to settle there even if it is in a village rather than a city. You must pay rent as long as you don’t own the land or other landed properties, which is why PAYMYRENT is crucial.

How does it work?

With Paymyrent, tenants may save their rent while having little to no concern about money loss or where to find the funds to pay their rent because those concerns have already been addressed. This significantly boosts saving because it will constantly fulfill your needs. 


Paymyrent merely simulates your savings for rent. It’s similar to systematically saving up stipends from your pockets to pay your rent. Paymyrent functions as a bucket that helps you gather these drops of water, according to the proverb that says “little drops of water make a mighty ocean.” This would enable you to sleep peacefully and soundly without worrying about how to increase your rent in the final moments.

Who can use PayMyRent?

The paymyrent solutions are accessible to almost everyone without any confusion. anyone, even your young children. Making arrangements that will serve as a stipend to accumulate your rent is all that is necessary to put your mind at ease.

If you are a sole owner, you can utilize paymyrent for office rent as well as shop rent and any landed property rentals. That is only the tip of what paymyrent can do for you, and if you know which buttons to press, it is a really simple process and highly helpful.

When is PayMyRent able to make loans?

Before you may borrow money through PayMyRent, you must earn at least 30,000 per month and have worked for your employer for at least six months. Additionally, you must both live in Lagos and have a guarantor with a larger income than you.

Are other states able to access Paymyrent?

No, currently it’s only Lagos State that can loan from paymyrent.


Waiting to catch up on obligations like rent payments is unnecessary now that Paymyrent has filled the gap. Join Paymyrent to secure the future today. Create an account to experience absolute enjoyment and a free mind like never before.