How To Apply For Hawaii Scholarships


A student’s ability to pursue higher education in Hawaii, a tropical paradise, can greatly benefit from financial assistance. Hawaii, fortunately, provides a wide range of scholarships that enable students to pursue their academic goals while immersed in the state’s breathtaking scenery and dynamic culture. 

Applying for scholarships in Hawaii involves a combination of careful consideration, smart planning, and knowledge of the various opportunities that are accessible. The University of Hawaiʻi provides students enrolled in any of its ten campuses with a range of scholarship opportunities. 

There are several types of scholarships available, including need- and merit-based grants, major-specific grants, campus- and location-specific grants, and other special requirements. Students within the UH System are eligible to apply for department-specific scholarships, campus scholarships, and UH System scholarships. 

Application for UH System Common Scholarship

One method for students to apply for multiple campus and system scholarships at the same time is through the UH System Common Scholarship Application. Students who wish to apply for the following positions should use this application:

  • Scholarships offered by the UH System (Awarded by the UH System Financial Aid Office)
  • Scholarships specific to a particular campus
  • UH System Scholarships (residents of community colleges) are grants given out by our UH System Office that are typically good for use at various UH campuses.

Every UH campus, with the exception of UH Monroe, which uses several applications, uses the same application, the UH System Common Scholarship Application. The University of Hawaii Foundation administers a large number of scholarships that can be obtained via the UH System Common Scholarship Application. 


Every year, the University of Hawaii Foundation receives contributions of approximately $5 million from both private and corporate sources. A sizable fund pool is available for student financial awards on each UH campus. 

Using a common scholarship application platform, a pool-and-match method of managing scholarships helps strike a balance between donor preferences and legal requirements. Most awards are chosen by UH based on impartial standards like merit and need for money. 

When UH receives funding that has particular restrictions attached, it will, to the extent permitted by law, abide by those restrictions. 

How to apply 

Typically, the UH System Common Scholarship Application consists of the following elements:

Go to the UH Scholarship page hosted by NexGen Web Solutions to start your application. The website possesses a security feature that sets the application’s timer to 45 minutes.

  • You have two options for submitting your application: via Scholarship Manager or to begin it online.
  • Upload your transcripts from high school or college using the Scholarship Manager’s “Transcripts Form.”
  • Provide the recommenders’ names and emails to the Scholarship Manager or upload them through the admissions websites.
  • Letters of recommendation from recommenders will be filled out and sent via email using an online form.
  • Verify again and send in your application.