10 Best Scholarships For Nontraditional Students


Being a nontraditional student in higher education frequently requires resiliency, willpower, and resourcefulness. Scholarships provide support and recognition along the way, irrespective of an applicant’s age, background, or previous educational experiences. They act as beacons of opportunity. 

A number of scholarships are available within this range of opportunities, all of which bear witness to the steadfast dedication to empowering nontraditional scholars, honoring their unique journeys, and laying the groundwork for their academic achievements. 

The lack of access to the same scholarships as more conventional college students may be a source of frustration for non-traditional students. It’s true that recent high school graduates have more scholarship options, but it’s also true that non-traditional students can easily find some of the best scholarships. 

These students can get partial funding for their tuition and other related costs through grants and scholarships. Nontraditional students have access to a wide range of scholarships, each one designed to recognize their distinct academic journeys and responsibilities. 

Pride Foundation Scholarships

More than sixty scholarships are available from the Pride Foundation to students who demonstrate that they have the potential to be leaders in any field of study. Pupils who encounter obstacles such as financial need can apply for one of the numerous scholarships provided by the Pride Foundation. Since its launch, the scholarship program has given out more than $5 million in funding for post-secondary education. 


Chief Simon Kahquados Scholarship

The Keeper of the Fire, the Forest County Potawatomi, is offering this $5,000 award. Though the foundation offers three scholarships, the Chief Simon Kahquados Scholarship is the only one that is open to non-traditional students. There could be several awards given out annually, but this is a one-time, non-renewable scholarship.

Ellen M. Cherry-Delawder Memorial Scholarship

Columbia, Maryland’s Howard County is home to Howard Community College. The school offers more than 100 programs in business, culinary arts, teacher education, humanities and arts, and many other fields. The Ellen M. Cherry-Delawder Memorial Scholarship is available to single parents who attend non-traditional schools. The amount awarded varies. Students who attend Howard Community College have access to it.

eQuality Scholarship Collaborative

LGBTQ+ people and their allies can apply for scholarships from the San Francisco Bay area-based eQuality foundation. Since its founding in 1989, the foundation has given out more than 375 awards totaling more than $1.4 million. Every year, eQuality grants roughly 20 scholarships. Scholarship recipients must provide documentation of their volunteer work with the LGBTQ+ community.

Hawaii Community Foundation Scholarships

Access to grants and scholarships from the Hawaii Community Foundation is contingent upon meeting specific eligibility requirements. Both traditional and non-traditional students can apply for over 100 scholarships through the portal offered by the foundation. Certain scholarships, like the ABC Stores Jumpstart Scholarship Fund, mandate that applicants be affiliated with specific businesses or organizations. 

Early Childhood Educators Scholarship

Students can apply for all 80 of the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois’ scholarships with just one application, in addition to the Early Childhood Educators Scholarship. While some of these scholarships have requirements that must be fulfilled, many of them are available to both traditional and non-traditional students.

Ernest and Charlene Stachowiak Memorial Scholarship

The Community Foundation of Northern Illinois offers access to over 80 scholarships in addition to the Ernest and Charlene Stachowiak Memorial Scholarship. If a student meets the eligibility requirements, they may be considered for all of these scholarships when they submit an application.

John Lennon Scholarships

Composers and songwriters are eligible for the John Lennon Scholarships. Any college or university in the United States may accept these scholarships for use toward tuition. The John Lennon Scholarships, in contrast to many others, can be obtained after graduation and used to settle debts from school, including student loans. 

Oregon Barber and Hairdressers Grant Program

In order to provide one-time awards to people who can demonstrate exceptional financial aid while enrolled in a barber or hairdressing program, the Oregon Barber and Hairdressers Grant Program was established. Each year, the award’s amount is different. The Office of Student Access and Completion of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission of the state of Oregon offers numerous grants, this one being one of them. 

Mothers of Multiples Club Scholarships

Mothers of multiples and their mothers are supported by the Mothers of Multiples Clubs in Southern California. The value of the scholarships varies from $250 to $1,500. Not only can multiples apply jointly, but they can also apply separately. Financial need, academic achievement, personal essays, recommendation letters, and extracurricular activities are taken into consideration when awarding these scholarships. 


Paying for college presents a special challenge for nontraditional and adult learners. Adult students are a diverse group of people from all ethnic backgrounds, with the majority being over 24. Students who graduate from high school and do not immediately enroll in college are referred to as “nontraditional students.” The majority of adult learners opt to return to school to obtain the credentials required for career progression.