How To Write a 400-word Essay


Given its short length, 400 words may seem like a piece of cake to write, but that isn’t always the case! Writing a short essay can be difficult because of its length, which forces you to focus only on the most important details. 

It can be challenging to condense arguments, your ideas, a strong introduction, and a strong conclusion into 400 words. Personal statements, which typically range from 400 to 800 words, would be a hard task to achieve if care was not taken. Actually, a 400-word essay can be a useful tool for teachers to evaluate their students’ comprehension of the subject matter and their ability to communicate ideas clearly.

A 400-word essay is a brief composition. A teacher may assign it to assess a student’s understanding of the subject and their capacity for clear, concise thought. Texts between 400 and 450 words are most frequently found in the following genres: discussion board posts and personal statements for college applications.

How a 400-word Scholarship Essay Should Be Formatted

A 400-word scholarship essay follows a similar structure to a shorter essay. Every paragraph has three to five well-written sentences and is between 75 and 125 words long. The format of a story or personal anecdote can resemble that of a novel rather than a news article.

The principal elements of a 400-word essay consist of:


  • A thesis-establishing opening paragraph that draws the reader in. The thesis could be a claim that you back up in the body paragraphs or it could be a question that you address later in the essay. Writing a narrative makes your “thesis” less obvious.
  • Four to six body paragraphs supporting your thesis with evidence. Every paragraph ought to be well-organized. The body of paragraphs ought to transition smoothly from one idea to the next.
  • A final paragraph that summarizes the main ideas from the body of the text and serves as a thesis reminder. The issue raised in the introduction should be addressed or the statement made therein completed in the conclusion. The reader ought to feel resolved and at ease after reading it.

Essays should be 400 words or less, but they don’t have to be precisely that length. The essay prompt might specify whether 400 words is the minimum or maximum word count by saying “in under 400 words” or “in at least 500 words.”


To write an essay of 400 words your thesis statement serves as the focal point of your essay. This is your main argument, which is typically a response to one of the essay prompt’s questions. The goal of the introduction is to draw the reader in and set the stage for the thesis explanation.

Usually, it opens with a broad assertion about the subject at hand. The paragraphs ought to transition smoothly into one another like an uninterrupted train of thought. Every paragraph should bring the statement from the introduction to a close. This is your final chance to persuade the reader of your thesis after you have addressed all of your points.