Types Of Fast Credit Loans You Can Get


The Central Bank of Nigeria has properly licensed Fast Credit Limited (FCL), a well-known financial company, to offer financial services. FCL started operating in August 2014, providing Small and Medium Sized Businesses, as well as personnel in the public and private sectors, with a variety of investment and lending options. Fast Credit has changed dramatically over the years, with the provision of great services to its clients being the company’s top concern. 

As a result, FCL has made investments in a number of cutting-edge financial technologies, beginning FCL loans and transitioning to Temenos T24, a world-class Core Financial services Application, and the rollout of a 360-degree user onboarding application that has redefined the customer experience to guarantee that customers are served as quickly as possible.

Similar to how Fast Credit started its Fintech adventure, it recently unveiled a number of digital banking channels that are focused on the needs of its customers, including a mobile app and USSD service. 

There are a variety of investment products available, including high-yield investments with annual returns as high as 16%. The business has also introduced the “Kiddies Swag” account, a tailored investment product for children. 

This is a wholly digital investment product meant to safeguard society’s and our children’s futures. The Kiddies Swag product strives to instill the ideal saving culture for wealth growth in young parents and children. Children, teenagers, and young adults between the ages of 0 and 19 are the target audience for the “Kiddies Swag” account. 


With a 9% annual interest rate and enticing perks including fully paid government-approved examination costs for the Common Entrance, JSSCE, WAEC, and Cambridge, the minimum account starting balance is fifty thousand naira (50,000).

Types Of Loan Product By Fast Credit

The loan options offered by Fast Credit range from

  • Personal loans
  • Medical loans
  • Lifestyle loans
  • Purchase now pay later loans
  • Invoice discounting loans
  • Asset financing loans. 

In Lagos, Nigeria, there is a Fast Credit Limited physical company at No. 1 Akin Ogunlewe Street, Off Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island. which is where its headquarters are situated in. In Plot 1, Block 128b New Creation Street Lekki Phase I, the business also has a branch office there.

How does quick credit operate?

Employees in corporate companies have access to fast, collateral-free loans through this private sector. In essence, this loan gives workers the ability to cover their expenses until they receive their pay.

What is the fast credit USSD code?

The USSD (*5125#) service allows users to inquire about their accounts and offers micro and nano loans to public and private sector employees, while the Fast Credit Mobile offers loan services, investments, target savings, wallet services, bill payment, card payment, and cardless withdrawal options.

Is it possible to obtain a loan without a BVN?

Without BVN, getting a loan in Nigeria is practically impossible. In order to receive a loan from a lending institution that does not require a BVN, a borrower must provide guarantees or collateral. The borrower’s profile, earnings, and solvency are still taken into account when approving an unsecured loan.

What is Nigeria’s highest credit score?

A credit score is a number that, in most cases, ranges between 300 and 850, and it informs lenders of your loan payback history. It serves as a gauge of your creditworthiness, and a high score (usually between 700 and 850) indicates that you make on-time payments on your debts.


The Fast Credit company offers loan services, investments, target deposits, Wallet services, payments for bills, card payments, cardless withdrawal choices, and funds requests, the USSD (*5125#) service offers small and nano loans to employees from the public and private sectors, so if you are in urgent need of money fast credit is here for you.