Requirements You Need For Moniepoint Loan


One of the simple-to-access loans in Nigeria is the Moniepoint loan. We recommend giving moniepoint a try if you require loans, whether they be personal or business loans.

Numerous inquiries have been made regarding Moniepoint loans by numerous people. For this reason, we took the time to thoroughly investigate moniepoint and write this in-depth article exclusively for you. In Nigeria, Moniepoint is a microfinance institution. 

It is one of Nigeria’s most well-known and effective microfinance institutions. Moniepoint has demonstrated its value since it started operating during the past ten years. By establishing proper and effective banking systems for people, companies, and even corporate entities.

How Does Moniepoint Run?

Although Moniepoint Microfinance Bank has certain distinctive qualities, it is just like any other microfinance bank. At Moniepoint, any financial transactions that take place in commercial banks can be mirrored. Moniepoint offers hassle-free personal and business loans that you can apply for online.

What Kinds of Services Does Moniepoint Offer?

On Moniepoint, there is a tonne of services and goods offered. Although there are too many to count, the most typical ones include;


  • money deposit
  • sending money
  • conducting transfers
  • paying of debts
  • investment
  • Auto loans
  • POS Solutions
  • obtaining loans

These are the typical services and goods that Moniepoint provides, however, in this post, we exclusively concentrate on the Moniepoint loan.

Moniepoint Loan

Moniepoint loans can be obtained fast and without any documentation or security. Unlike traditional financial institutions that have severe standards and numerous bottlenecks, Moniepoint’s loan services are simple to utilize with just a mobile phone and an internet connection.

For people and small businesses, the site offers short-term loans with flexible return terms, low-interest rates, no shame, and no additional fees. A registration number, an account, and a trustworthy form of identification are all you need to submit an application for a loan with Moniepoint. 

You can submit an application for a loan via the Moniepoint website or mobile app. You will receive cash right away if you are authorized. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, moniepoint evaluates your creditworthiness and determines whether you are eligible for a loan.

Moniepoint Loan App 

A moniepoint loan application is available on both the company’s mobile app and official website. An application that fuels ambitions by giving businesses access to all of their business banking requirements in a single application. 

On the Moniepoint app, you can send money, get payments, pay bills, and do a lot more. The Google Play Store has a brand-new app called moniepoint. The program has also received over 100,000 downloads since its debut, has a 3.6-star rating, 1,000 reviews, and a portable size of 11.29 MB.

How To Meet The Requirements For a Moniepoint Loan

Making sure you are eligible for the loan by checking the appropriate boxes is one of the most important aspects of obtaining loans. The requirements for obtaining a moniepoint loan are as follows;

  • You must possess a valid form of identification, such as a passport, voter’s card, or national ID card
  • You must be more than 18 years of age.
  • You need a working phone number.
  • Make sure your Moniepoint account is genuine.
  • You must have a solid and trustworthy source of income or a profitable business.
  • You must have a bank profile with a reputed institution in Nigeria.
  • You need to be financially stable. The credit score mechanism utilized by Moniepoint determines this.

Eligibility Requirements for Small Businesses

If you want to apply for a business loan from Moniepoint, you must offer the following to fund and expand your company:

  • The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria
  • The business must have been around for at least six months and be financially sound.
  • A trustworthy Nigerian bank account is required for the business


Moniepoint has significantly benefited Nigerians. Through its mobile app, it offers services beyond traditional banking that include digital and mobile banking. This implies that using the various services does not require physical going to the bank. You can access the Internet from anywhere at any time with your smartphone.