How To Use The True Naira Loan App


True Naira Loan App is a mobile loan provider that makes it easier for qualified individuals to access quick loans without hassle or shame. Over time, getting credit from actual banks proved to be a challenge. From giving various documents and spending hours in long lines to displaying collateral and property paperwork.

The number of digital lending organizations providing residents with loans without stress has significantly increased in response to these constrictive and tedious methods. One such platform is True Naira. It is a digital lending marketplace that provides qualified borrowers with rapid, unsecured loans.

TrueNaira loans are personal loans, which means they aren’t issued for commercial goals but rather to support people in meeting their requirements and resolving situations. Once you are approved, True Naira will lend you a minimum of NGN2,000 and a maximum of NGN300,000 for your loan.

What is the true naira process?

Similar to other online loan businesses, True Naira operates. You need to get the True Naira loan app from the Google Play Store in order to utilize the features of this platform. Again, you must check the appropriate True Naira boxes to demonstrate your worthiness for the loan. In the sections that follow in this post, we’ll go into more detail about that. Continue reading.

Truth naira loan app

The True Naira loan app is an app for smartphones through which qualified consumers can access the company’s services. The lending app is available through the Google Play Store.  Over a million people have downloaded the app since its June 10, 2021 release. The app has roughly 3.4-star ratings, 6,000 user reviews, a portable download size of 9 MB, and more. The user-friendly interface of the True Naira loan app makes finding your way around simpler. You must download the loan app if you want to borrow money from True Naira.


Getting the true naira loan app

The True Naira loan app can be downloaded by doing the following steps using your smartphone and a reliable internet connection;

  • Access the Google Play Store.
  • Do a search for “True Naira Loan” there.
  • Click “install” to start the app download.
  • The next step is to register with True Naira by giving your contact information and according to the instructions.

Guidelines for true naira loan eligibility

You must present the following in order to be approved for a True Naira loan:

  • You have to live in Nigeria.
  • You must be younger than 18 or not older than 60.
  • Possess an active bank account with one of the commercial banks in Nigeria
  • Give your NIN and BVN.
  • Have a legitimate form of identification on you, such as a voter’s card, a driver’s license, or even a passport if it was issued by the government.
  • Possess a legitimate, stable source of income.

How to make a true naira loan application

You can apply for and obtain your desired loan from True Naira by following the procedures below.

  • Get the True Naira app now.
  • Create a True Naira account.
  • Apply for a loan by adhering to the instructions provided by the app.
  • You will receive a credit to your bank account following approval.
  • Every time you pay back a loan, you increase your loan limit.

How much money can I borrow with the true naira loan app?

You may borrow up to NGN300,000 and as little as NGN2,000 but only if you’re qualified. Once more, you must increase your borrowing limit by paying off your debt before or on time.

True naira interest rate

True Naira has a fairly modest annual interest rate. It has no service charge and ranges from 16% to 21%.

What is the real term for repaying a true naira loan?

True Naira offers flexible and simple loan repayment options with a minimum of 91 days and a maximum duration of 365 days. We suggest that you pay back your loan early or on time.

Is true naira a scam or legit?

It’s legal to use the True Naira lending platform. The fact that its software is accessible through the Google Play Store is a reliable indicator of its reliability and sincerity.

Is the true naira loan app legitimate?

Yes, the app is legitimate, trustworthy, and registered. Because of this, users all throughout the country have given it great ratings and downloaded it.