How To Use GTBank Loan Code


Are you wondering how to obtain a loan from GTbank in Nigeria? In this article, we’ll discuss how to apply for a GTBank loan, the GTBank loan code, and all of the different GTBank loan types available.

In 1990, Guaranty Trust Bank plc was established as a limited liability company with a license to offer the people of Nigeria commercial and other banking services. The Bank started operating in February 1991 and has since developed into one of Nigeria’s most reputable and customer-focused banks.

To get GT loans, the amount of the loan that you are eligible for will depend on your income. Lenders will take into account your take-home pay, and a few standard deductions like gratuities, PF, ESI, etc. The total loan amount you can borrow will depend on your take-home pay and the amount of EMIs you can afford.

You need to have a GTBank Account in order to borrow money from GTBank. Loans from GTbank are frequently business loans or personal loans as well as investment loans.  A variety of personal and business loans are available from GTbank. Gtbank provides a number of different loans apart from the mentioned ones but all these loans depend on your earning power.

These Loans range from agricultural-related loans to cooperate loans. While business loan interest rates can go as high as 16% annually, personal loan interest rates at GTBank are typically around 1.33%. Some of the best bank loans in Nigeria are provided by GTbank.


You only need to dial  *737*8*2#  on your mobile device to use the GTBank loan code. Your bank account number and pin number need to be entered. You will be able to see how much money you are eligible to borrow once you have entered your credentials. If your loan application is accepted, money will be added to your account right away.

How to use the GTBank loan code

The following are the steps for applying for the GTBank loan code:

  • On your phone, dial  *737*8*2# 
  • Enter your account number.
  • Enter your PIN Code.
  • Choose the loan amount that you desire.
  • Review and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Send your application in. If you are granted a loan, the money will be credited to your account immediately.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To use the loan code, you must be a GTBank client.
  • To be given a loan, you must have an excellent credit record.
  • Your credit score will have an impact on the loan’s interest rate.
  • You’ll have a set amount of time to pay back the loan.
  • Contact GTBank customer service for help if you need it while using the loan code.

Can I obtain a loan from GTBank?

Yes, you can receive up to three months of your salary with a monthly interest rate of 1.80% and repay it over a period of six or twelve months. You have access to it if you need to use your GTBank Naira MasterCard for larger purchases. GTBank gives you a convenient repayment plan and more flexibility to meet your financial needs.

What is the Interest in a loan?

GTBank typically charges an origination fee of 0.5% to 1% of the loan amount in exchange for processing a loan application. Although origination fees are occasionally negotiable, doing so typically results in a lower interest rate over the course of the loan.

  • A minimum net monthly salary of N100,000 or a minimum monthly lodgement of N20,000 must be maintained by the customer.
  • The customer must have no prior history of bad checks.
  • The customer’s credit reports must be satisfactory.
  • There must be no unpaid obligations for the customer.
  • At the time of loan application, the applicant cannot be younger than 18 years old, and at the time of loan maturity, they cannot be older than 59 years old.

What would happen if I am unable to repay the debt when it was due?

Depending on your agreement, the exact penalty that results from failure to repay at the appointed time will vary. The penalties are typically outlined in the loan terms and conditions and are implemented after a default. Most lenders either raise interest rates or liquidate collateral.