How To Apply For Walmart Scholarship


The Walmart Associate Scholarship Programme is made available by Scholarship America on behalf of the Walmart Foundation and is sponsored by the Walmart Foundation.

The scholarship is available to associates pursuing postsecondary education at a higher education institution as well as employees taking part in Walmart’s Lifelong Learning Programme through American Public University. 

Associates who have obtained a GED or a high school or home school diploma are eligible to enrol in the programme. For the winners, the maximum funding amount over a six-year period is sixteen thousand dollars.

The goal of the Walmart Foundation is to provide chances for their workers to live better lives. Walmart is dedicated to promoting opportunities for education, workforce development, environmental sustainability, health and wellness, and addressing community needs in order to help people advance.

One of the biggest corporate supporters of education in the United States is Walmart. Over the years, they have made significant contributions to a variety of education-related policies, including public community education services, educator recognition awards, educational programmes, and bursary aid.


The company has awarded scholarships totalling more than $283 million as of 2022. Additionally, Walmart generously supports a number of national scholarship programmes, such as the National Urban League, the National Indian Education Association, the United Negro College Fund, and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

A Walmart Dependent Scholarship can be used at an approved college or university for up to four academic years, with a maximum award of $13,000.


  • Need to be a citizen or a long-term legal resident of the United States.
  • Must have worked full- or part-time for any Walmart division for a minimum of six months in a row prior to the application deadline for the award period for which the associate is applying.
  • Must be a senior in high school with plans to enrol in college or university after graduation, have completed high school or home school, or have earned a GED.
  • You cannot apply until six months after starting your college courses if you are a senior high school student.
  • Must be in need of money and be able to provide the necessary documentation to prove it.
  • Before applying, an associate must have earned a GED or graduated from high school or home school. 

The Walmart Associate Scholarship

Employees who have worked for Walmart for six months straight prior to the application deadline, have a high school degree or GED and are citizens or legal residents of the United States are eligible to apply for the Associate Walmart scholarship. The award may be renewed for a maximum of six years, or until the end of the degree programme, whichever occurs first.

The Walmart Dependent Scholarship

The family members of Walmart employees who are eligible for this scholarship must be citizens or lawful permanent residents of the United States. In addition, the dependents must be employed by the company for a minimum of six months prior to the submission deadline, and they must possess a high school diploma or GED.

Community Scholarship Program

Walmart is renowned for its dedication to helping out the community where it lives. As a result, the business also supports local scholarship initiatives that benefit students in Walmart’s service areas.

How to Apply

  • Applicants can use the company website to submit an application for the Walmart Associate Scholarship.
  • Create an account. In order to apply for the scholarship, candidates must register.
  • To get to the Walmart Associate Scholarship application’s Welcome Page, log into your AIM account.
  • Fill out the online application completely, then attach your supporting financial documents.
  • On the Save/Submit page of the online application, click the Submit button.


Walmart Scholarships consider the financial needs of both associate and dependent applicants. Tax returns and FAFSA forms are thought to be required in order to prove financial need, but you can emphasise your situation’s uniqueness on the application. Describe your financial struggles, how they affected your academic performance, and the steps you took to overcome the challenges. Make sure to describe how receiving a Walmart Scholarship will enable you to further your studies and hone your abilities.