GTB Transfer Codes: How To Transfer Money, Buy Airtime And Even More


GTB is one of the leading banks in Nigeria and to make banking easier, they introduced several banking channels to enable their customers carry out transactions without coming to the bank. Some of these self-service transactions include sending money from GTB to another bank, from GTB to GTB, airtime, and data purchases, etc.

How do I transfer money from GTB to another bank and how do I activate my USSD code for GTB, are common questions most people ask about GTB.

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) understands the importance of providing seamless and user-friendly services to its customers. As a result, GTB has introduced a range of transfer codes that make it easier than ever to perform transactions right from your mobile phone. In this post, we will explore the GTB transfer codes and highlight some of the amazing features of GTB.

What are GTB Transfer Codes?

GTB transfer codes are a set of numeric codes that enable customers to perform various banking operations, such as transferring funds, checking account balances, paying bills, and more, using their mobile phones. These codes are designed to provide a convenient and secure method of banking, allowing customers to access their accounts and carry out transactions anytime, anywhere.


 Service GTB USSD code
 Transfer(to GTB) *737*1*Amount*Account Number#
 Transfer(to other banks) *737*2*Amount*Account Number#
 Airtime & Data Top-up *737*amount#
*737*Amount*Recipient’s number#
*737*4# (data top-up for yourself and others)
 Check Account Details  *737*6*1#
 Create a Transaction pin *737*5#
 Set up SKS standing instructions *737*52*AMOUNT*26#
 Bill payment (lcc toll) *737*50*Amount*108#
 Bill payment (swift network subscription) *737*50*Amount*4#
 Bill payment (star times subscription) *737*37*Amount*Decoder Number#
 Salary Advance *737*8*2#
 OTP *737*7#
 Enquires *737*6#
 Check Loan Balance *737*6*2#
 Card Status *737*6*3#
 Chequebook Status *737*6*4#
 Fast Track Deposit *737*48#
 Fast Track Withdrawal *737*49#
 737 Edu *737*31*amount*MerchantCode#
 737 Give *737*32*amount*MerchantCode#
 Bills Payment Menu *737*50#
 Enable/Disable Account Balance on GeNS *737*51*1#
 Card Hotlist *737*51*10#
 Cable TV *737*SmartCardNo#
 Spend To Save *737*51*24#
 Mini Statement *737*51*30#
 3rd Party Statement *737*51*33#
 QuickCredit Request *737*51*51#
 QuickCredit Liquidation *737*51*55#
 Reference Confirmation *737*51*54#
 Account Blacklist *737*51*74#
 School Fees Advance *737*52*30#
 PayDay Loan *737*52*40#

How to Use GTB Transfer Codes:

Using GTB transfer codes is a straightforward process. Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

  1. Dial the GTB transfer code on your mobile phone (*737# for GTB).
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and select the desired banking operation (e.g., transfer, bill payment, account balance, etc.).
  3. Enter the necessary details, such as the recipient’s account number, the amount to be transferred, or the bill payment reference.
  4. Confirm the transaction details and authorize the transaction using your unique transaction PIN.
  5. Once the transaction is completed, you will receive a confirmation message with the details of the transaction.

How to activate GTB transfer code

If you have not carried out any transaction on your GTB account using USSD code, you might be wondering why *737 is not working for you. So, if you’ve asked “How do I register my USSD code for GTB?” this section is for you.

To link your phone number with GTB USSD, use the same phone number you created GTB account with. And follow the steps below, it’s similar to the previous step on “how to use GTB transfer codes”

Dail *737# and follow the prompt to enter your BVN, and continue the process to activate GTB USSD code on your phone.

Features of GTB Transfer Codes:

  1. Ease of Use: One of the remarkable features of GTB transfer codes is their simplicity. The codes are easy to remember and use, making banking hassle-free for customers. With just a few taps on their mobile phones, customers can initiate transfers, check their account balances, and perform other transactions effortlessly.
  2. Instant Transfers: GTB transfer codes enable customers to transfer funds instantly to any GTB account or other bank account in Nigeria. This feature is particularly beneficial for urgent payments or emergencies, as it eliminates the need to visit a physical bank branch or use other traditional methods.
  3. Bill Payments: GTB transfer codes also allow customers to pay various bills conveniently. Whether it’s utility bills, cable TV subscriptions, or internet services, customers can settle their bills with ease using the transfer codes. This feature saves time and effort, as there’s no need to stand in long queues or log in to different payment platforms.
  4. Airtime Recharge: Need to recharge your mobile phone? With GTB transfer codes, you can easily top up your airtime balance directly from your bank account. This feature is quick and efficient, ensuring that you never run out of airtime when you need it the most.
  5. Account Balance Inquiry: Wondering about your account balance? GTB transfer codes allow you to check your account balance instantly. You no longer need to visit a bank or use an ATM to know your balance. Simply dial the designated code, and the information will be displayed on your phone screen.
  6. Security: GTB prioritizes the security of its customers’ financial information. The transfer codes are designed with robust security measures to protect against unauthorized access and fraud. Customers can rest assured that their transactions are secure and their personal information is safeguarded.

It’s important to note that you must use the phone number linked to your GTB account to initiate transactions using the transfer codes.

Frequently asked questions

Why is gtbank ussd code not working?

If your GTBank USSD code is not working, it could be that you have not activated GTB USSD banking or internal network error. If you’ve already activated USSD banking, this should start working after some time, you can keep trying.

How can I activate my GTB USSD code without ATM card?

Simply dial the *737# and follow the easy prompt to setup a transaction PIN then you’re done activating USSD banking without ATM card.

How do I transfer money from my GTB account to BetKing?

To fund your Betking, use your GTB registered phone number to dial the Gtb transfer code to Betking USSD code *737*50*AMOUNT*153and enter your Betking user ID and send, enter your transaction PIN and follow the easy prompts to complete the process.

How do I deposit money into SportyBet using GTBank USSD code?

Whether you are looking for SportyBet GTB transfer code or wondering why Sportybet GTB transfer code not working, we advise you first login your Sporty bet app and navigate to funding, then select GTBank from the option and choose the USSD code option for the most updated code.

What is the transfer code from GTB to PalmPay?

Transfer code from GTB to PalmPay without atm card by dialing *737*22# on your phone. Select “mobile money” enter your PalmPay account number and select PalmPay as your bank. Then enter your GTB transaction PIN to complete the process.

How to transfer money from GTBank to Opay using USSD code?

To transfer money from GTB to Opay using USSD code, simply dial *737*22# and follow the prompts or dail *737*2# to send money from GTB to another person’s Opay account.


GTB transfer codes have revolutionized the way we bank, making transactions faster, easier, and more convenient. With these codes, customers have the power to transfer funds, check account balances, pay bills, recharge airtime, and more, all from the comfort of their mobile phones. The amazing features of GTB transfer codes, such as ease of use, instant transfers, bill payments, account balance inquiries, and enhanced security, have significantly simplified banking processes for GTB customers.

Furthermore, GTB is committed to continually improving its services and introducing innovative features to enhance customer experience. Some additional amazing features of GTB include: