What Software Do Insurance Companies Use For Estimates?


What program do insurance adjusters use? The insurance industry relies heavily on software solutions to provide accurate and timely estimates for claims. With technological advancements, insurers now have access to advanced estimating software that can analyze data and provide quick and accurate estimates. 

Computer-Aided Estimating (CAE) Software:

Computer-Aided Estimating (CAE) software is used to generate estimates for claims. It uses data such as repair costs, labor rates, and parts pricing to calculate an estimate. CAE software also enables insurers to manage repair processes and track claim status. Some examples of CAE software include Audatex, Mitchell, and CCC ONE.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Estimating Software:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) estimating software is a new technology that is being adopted by insurers. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data such as photos, videos, and other documents to provide quick and accurate estimates. AI estimating software can also identify potential fraud and predict claims outcomes. Examples of AI estimating software include Tractable, Snapsheet, and Shift Technology.

Mobile Estimating Software: 

Adjusters use mobile estimating software to produce estimates while out in the field.

Adjusters generate estimates in the field using mobile estimating software. It enables adjusters to capture photos, videos, and other data and upload them to the software. The software then analyzes the data and generates an estimate. Mobile estimating software also enables insurers to track claim status and communicate with customers. Examples of mobile estimating software include Xactimate Mobile, Symbility Mobile Claims, and Simsol Mobile.


Cloud-Based Estimating Software:

Cloud-based estimating software is becoming increasingly popular among insurers. It enables insurers to access and manage data from anywhere, at any time. Cloud-based estimating software also allows for easy collaboration among adjusters, insurers, and other stakeholders. Some examples of cloud-based estimating software include Simsol Web and Xactware Cloud.


The insurance sector relies heavily on software solutions to reliably and efficiently provide estimates for claims. Computer-Aided Estimation (CAE) software is the type of estimating software that is used the most frequently, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and Mobile Estimating software are gaining more and more attention. The accessibility and teamwork-friendly aspects of cloud-based estimating software are also contributing to the software’s rising profile. We may anticipate that estimating software will continue to develop and play an increasingly important part in the insurance business as a result of improvements in technology.