How To Apply For the California Scholarship Federation


The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is a statewide organization that honors and promotes community service and academic excellence among California’s high school students. An educator founded the statewide organization CSF in 1921 with the goal of rewarding exceptional high school students for their academic achievements in concrete ways. 

Currently, the state is home to almost 1400 chapters. Many high schools in California have CSF chapters, and students who meet certain requirements can apply to become members. Eligibility for the CSF is determined by a combination of community service hours and academic standing. In general, students need to complete the necessary number of service hours and accrue points based on their grades.

The eligibility for CSF is usually based on grades from particular grading periods. The exceptional academic achievements of our students are recognized and honored by the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) at Campolindo. A point system based on course load and semester grades is used to determine eligibility.  

Lifetime membership is awarded to students who have participated in CSF for four of their final six semesters of high school, including one semester in their senior year. A unique cord, medallion, and certificate are given in recognition of lifetime membership.

Application packet

Applications will be available from advisors and at CSF meetings. When filled out, an application packet should include the following:


  • Worksheet for application grades
  • Unofficial transcript copy
  • Evidence of 20 hours of volunteer work (not including ninth grade)
  • Receipt of dues 

Easy tips to apply for the California Scholarship Federation

Become familiar with the application procedure

Find out when your school’s CSF application period begins. It’s important to get information from your CSF adviser or the school administration, as the application process varies from school to school.

Get your application form

Get the CSF application form from the office or the CSF adviser at your school. On the school’s website, the application might occasionally be downloaded, but it’s always better to get the form from your school authority.

Complete your application

Complete the application form with precision and thoroughness. Give the necessary details about your courses, grades, and hours of community service. Observe any guidelines that are provided on the application.

Attach Transcripts

A duplicate copy of your academic transcripts will be sent with your application. Make sure the grades from the designated grading periods are reflected in the transcripts.

Does joining CSF come with a price?

For each semester, they are requesting donations between $7 and $10 to help cover the cost of the awards. The cost of any field trips that students want to take must be covered by them.

How can I get into CSF?

There are applications in the school libraries; be sure to check for them. The dates for applications will be announced. Fill out the application completely, donate to CSF at the student store, affix the transcript and donation receipt to it, and turn it in at the library.


The mission of the California Scholarship Federation is to honor students who have exhibited exceptional academic achievement at the state level. The requirements for CSF Membership are met by obtaining qualifying grades each semester. Honor cords and special recognition for being in CSF are given to long-term members at graduation. Furthermore, membership in the organization looks fantastic on your college or university application.