Biography Of Tiktok Girl Esther Raphael Known As The Buba Girl, Video, Family, And Networth

Esther Raphael, a prominent digital personality recognized as “The Buba Girl,” hails from Nigeria, where she excels as a multifaceted artist, encompassing dance, social media influence, and the creation of witty skits. Her digital presence boasts an impressive following of over 600,000 enthusiastic supporters on the popular platform TikTok. Her rise to fame can be … Read more

Mia Khalifa Biography, Early Life, Education, Movies, Pictures, Sex, Awards, Videos, Boyfriend, Family, Husband, And Networth

Mia Khalifa

Born in 1993, Mia Khalifa, known by her Arabic name ميا خليفة (Miyā Khalīfah), is a well-known personality in the Middle East. Hailing from a Lebanese-American background, she initially gained recognition as an adult film actress and webcam model. Her career in the adult entertainment industry commenced in October 2014, and in just two months, … Read more