21 Best Online Mba Programs Without Bachelor


An advanced degree will not only help you obtain better-paying employment but it will also most likely speed up your ascension into higher managerial positions, making the Master of Business Administration (MBA) a popular master’s degree.

But if you are a professional who works full-time, you might not have the time to take a semester off to complete your degree. As a result, several institutions now provide online versions of their on-campus MBA programs.

You won’t miss out on face time at work while simultaneously making future plans if you are this adaptable. To find out which program is perfect for you, look through our list of the 21 most popular college MBA programs online.

1. University of Missouri-Northwest

After being established more than 110 years ago as a college for teachers, it has developed into a university with more than 120 programs to accommodate students with various career goals. Despite its expansion, Northwest Missouri State University remains as dedicated as ever to attaining its mission of helping “every student, every day.” At NMSU, there is a fully online MBA program with three concentration choices.

2. Valdosta State College

The affordable online MBA program from Valdosta State University stands out on our list of ranks because of its focus on the field of healthcare. The MBA-HCAD program offered by the Langdale College of Business Administration may be a suitable fit for you if you are confident that working in the health system is what you want to do. The goal of this program is to equip you with the leadership skills necessary for success in senior roles in healthcare organizations.


3. Southwestern State University of Georgia

The goal of the affordable online MBA program offered by Georgia Southwestern State University is to “help you establish a lifetime of success,” not only to award you a diploma. The College of Business and Computing is offering a 30-credit curriculum that will focus on fundamental business subjects like economics, ethics, international business, leadership, and advertising.

4. University of Louisiana

The quarter system, with three quarters each year, is used at Louisiana Tech University, which was founded in 1894.
The College of Business at LTU offers the online MBA program with the highest value, according to Online MBA Today. Furthermore, 89% of LTU students obtain financial help, which is astounding if you’re worried about the cost of your college education. You could, too! Keep in mind that there are four concentrations available for the traditional face-to-face MBA but none of them are offered online.

5. The University of Missouri-St. Louis

AACSB-accredited Missouri State University offers a 33-credit entirely online MBA. Some of the mandatory courses include Organization Strategy and Policy, Advanced Wealth Management, and Quantitative Studies in Strategic Decision Making. Students can obtain the necessary graduate Certifications without taking additional course credits.

6. College of Sioux Falls

In South Dakota, there is a private, Christian liberal arts university offering more than 100 options for degrees and certificates. The University of Sioux Falls is what it is known as. With the goal of merging faith and education, USF was founded in 1883. If you don’t live in South Dakota or can’t attend school there, don’t be concerned. You can obtain a low-cost online MBA without ever setting foot inside a classroom. The 36-credit program offers two concentration options.

7. University of New Mexico

The College of Business at New Mexico State University offers a low-cost hybrid Master of Business Administration degree. Two sessions in Las Cruces, New Mexico, are required even though this program’s classes are all offered online. Before your program begins, there will be a physical orientation, and the end result of your work will be a three-day seminar.

8. Tarleton State College

If you put forth enough effort, you may complete Tarleton State University’s 30-credit low-cost online MBA program in as little as 12 months. Expect to sign up for courses like Business Problems, Managing Information Systems, and Financial Management.

9. Chadron State University

Are you a mid-level manager who needs an affordable online MBA? Do you have enough time to devote two years to studying? Are you ready to boost your business career? If either of these questions has a yes response, you should research Chadron State College’s 36-credit Master of Business Administration program.

10. Alabama Auburn University

If you’re interested in an accelerated degree, look into the ten-course online master’s in business administration offered by Auburn University at Montgomery. Depending on your undergraduate program, level of education, and the number of units you take at once, you might complete this degree in one year.

11. The University of Maryland University College

If you have 18 months and $25,000 to spare, the University of Maryland University College offers a 36-credit affordable online MBA program. You won’t need to purchase any textbooks because the cost of using online resources is covered by the tuition. The program will place a strong emphasis on collaboration, ethics, information literacy, technical competence, teamwork, and critical thinking.

12. University of Angelo

If you have a year to devote to your graduate studies, take a look at Angelo State University’s competitively cost online MBA program. You can achieve this if you enroll full-time. You can enroll part-time if your schedule precludes you from doing so full-time. Even though it takes a little longer, you still have that flexibility.

13. Arkansas State College

The low-cost online MBA program at Arkansas State University intends to equip students for success in a “technology-driven global corporate world.” They achieve this by providing a curriculum that is excellent, rigorous, and entertaining. This action-based program offers students a variety of supply chain management and finance dosages to choose from.

14. Union University

At Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky, “planning ahead requires thinking large.” UC has been carrying out it for more than 135 years. One of the university’s online courses is the reasonably priced MBA program. The available class period is 8 weeks. Business ethics, social responsibility, and management information systems are likely to be covered in your lectures.

15. Northeast Ohio State University

Would you like to earn your online MBA on a tight budget? If you do, look into the course at Cleveland State University. You can complete this 32–34 credit program in as little as 12 months. It was among the first to gain AACSB accreditation, in fact. Every year, CSU admits two cohorts, giving you a group of peers to finish the program with.

16. University of McNeese

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International has granted accreditation to McNeese State University, which offers a reasonably priced online MBA program. Despite the fact that some graduate degrees may benefit from a theoretical background, McNeese State University is explicit that this course will not be theory-focused. Instead, this program is designed for working managers who desire practical leadership and management skills.

17. North Carolina University at Pembroke

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke offers an affordable online Master of Business Administration program. Each of the three concentrations in supply chain management, financial services, and business analytics has three options. According to the program’s website, you will learn to “examine the nature of human action, institutional arrangements, the significance of financial decisions, and the impact of social and political.

18. University of Texas at Austin Kingsville University

One year is all it takes to complete the fully online, accelerated MBA program at Texas A&M University in Kingsville, a member of the Texas A&M University System. The 30-credit program is made up of 9 credits in a subject of emphasis and 21 credits of core coursework. A postgraduate diploma in business intelligence, medical technology, or logistics will result from each of these.

Marist College’s affordably cost MBA online program offers three concentrations: social management, wealth management, and healthcare management. Asynchronous classes can be accessed from anywhere at any time. You can look forward to participating in online discussions with pupils from all around the world! readings, homework, and talks

19. University of Prairie View A&M

The MBA program at Prairie View A&M University is 100% online, so you might “spark your passion” there. You’ll be prepared to lead in your for-profit or the nonprofit sector with three start dates per year. This affordable, recognized online degree with 36 credits can be completed in two years if studied full-time.

20. College of Southeast Missouri

Southeast Missouri State University, which has more than 150 years of educational experience, offers 145 degrees and certificates, 30 of which can be completed entirely online. Through the Harrison College of Business at Southeast Missouri State University, a reasonably priced online Master of Business Administration program is offered. It is necessary to take classes like Integrated Decision Management Systems.

21. Henderson University

Henderson State University’s affordable online Master of Business Administration program may involve some in-person encounters. While the whole program’s coursework will be conducted online, there will be two weekends’ worth of seminars. The weekend classes are officially hybrid, although they can be taken online using video conferencing.