How Much Does A Mortgage Advisor Earn?


Whether you want to become a mortgage advisor or want to know the average mortgage advisor salary in the UK, USA, and other countries of the world, this special guide will provide you with helpful information regarding salary structure and mortgage advisor’s commission.

Mortgage advisors are professionals who offer expert advice on the best mortgage deals available in the market. They assist clients in choosing the right mortgage product based on their financial circumstances and goals. However, one may wonder how much a mortgage advisor earns. 

Commission-based model:

How much commission do mortgage advisors get? Mortgage advisors usually work on a commission-based model, which means they earn a percentage of the mortgage amount that the client takes out. The percentage can range from 0.3% to 1.5% depending on the lender, the product, and the mortgage advisor’s experience. For example, if a client takes out a mortgage of £200,000, a mortgage advisor could earn between £600 and £3,000 in commission.

The type of lender:

The type of lender a mortgage advisor works with can also affect their earnings. Banks and building societies may offer lower commission rates than independent mortgage brokers, who can access a wider range of lenders and products. As such, independent mortgage brokers may have the potential to earn more, although it also depends on the volume of business they generate.

The volume of business:

Mortgage advisors who generate a high volume of business can earn more than those who don’t. The more clients they help to secure mortgages, the more commission they will earn. Mortgage advisors who have a strong reputation and a large client base may also be able to charge higher fees for their services.


Experience and qualifications:

Mortgage advisors with more experience and higher qualifications can earn more than those just starting. Those who have completed relevant professional qualifications, such as the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP), may be able to command higher fees and commission rates.


Location can also influence a mortgage advisor’s earnings. Those working in areas with a high demand for mortgages, such as London and the South East, may earn more than those working in areas with lower demand.


The amount a mortgage advisor earns can vary widely depending on various factors, including the commission rate, the type of lender, the volume of business, experience, qualifications, and location. However, it’s worth noting that mortgage advising is a highly regulated profession, and advisors must act in their client’s best interests at all times. As such, it’s essential to choose a reputable mortgage advisor who is qualified and experienced to provide reliable advice on the best mortgage deals available.