Scholarship Points – Everything You Need To Know

Scholarship points offer students an additional way to be considered for scholarships without having to write essays or worry about their grade point average (GPA), which is not a requirement for admission.  Even though many students may speak and write English well, it can still be quite challenging to write an essay that meets scholarship … Read more

How To Apply And Get The Minecraft Scholarship

Exorbitant tuition costs can put an end to your dream of studying overseas and deter you from moving forward. Applying for scholarships is a great way to manage your study expenses, and there are thousands of them available.  An annual scholarship program called the Minecraft Scholarship is provided by internet hosting company Apex Hosting. It … Read more

Beginners PTK Scholarship Application Guide

An international honor society known as Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) honors and promotes two-year college students’ academic success. Although Phi Theta Kappa does not directly grant scholarships, it does give its members access to a number of resources and programs that do.  Phi Theta Kappa members have access to a variety of local, regional, and … Read more

How To Write Scholarship Thank You Letter With Examples

After receiving a scholarship, thanking the scholarship donor in writing is a considerate and professional way to show your appreciation. You can write a thank-you note for a scholarship to the scholarship donors. It is a brief, formal letter in which you thank and express your gratitude for the financial support you received to further … Read more

How To Apply For The Dr Pepper Scholarship Giveaway Program

Every year, students all over the country can apply for financial aid through the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway program. Undergraduates who submit exceptional written and video presentations about their goals and how they hope to change the world are recognized and awarded funding for either tuition or the repayment of educational loans by the Dr. … Read more

10 Best Left-Handed Scholarship For Left-Handed People

Are you aware that scholarships specifically designed for left-handed individuals exist? Because the world is never fair, left-handed people’s opportunities are likewise unequal. Although there are about 10% of Americans identify as southpaws, left-handed scholarships are extremely hard to come by.  There are just ten that are available to lefties only. However, left-handed individuals are … Read more

How To Apply For Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship

The Coca-Cola Scholars Program scholarship is an achievement-based financial aid provided to students in their senior year of high school. Students are honored for their ability to serve and lead, as well as for their dedication to having a big influence on their communities and schools. The Foundation has awarded more than $81 million in … Read more

How To Apply For The No Sweat Scholarship

The Cirkled No-Sweat Scholarship is well known for its ability to ease the day-to-day challenges associated with attending school. An annual grant of $2,500 is given to a single 8th–12th grader who is a lawful resident of the United States or the District of Columbia through Cirkled In’s “No Sweat Scholarship.”  You are eligible to … Read more

How To Apply For the California Scholarship Federation

The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is a statewide organization that honors and promotes community service and academic excellence among California’s high school students. An educator founded the statewide organization CSF in 1921 with the goal of rewarding exceptional high school students for their academic achievements in concrete ways.  Currently, the state is home to almost … Read more

How To Apply For Coolidge Scholarship

The Coolidge Scholarship is a full-ride presidential scholarship that is awarded every year to undergraduate students. It pays for all living expenses during the four years of study, including tuition and room and board. The students can use the Coolidge scholarship at any US college or university that has been accredited. Anyone can apply to this … Read more